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By Patricia | March 2, 2010

Hyperthyroidism (Hypothyroidism) Symptoms And Treatments

We all know that hyperthyroid is a common thyroid disease which is the opposite of the other common thyroid problem, hypothyroidism. Furthermore, hyperthyroidism is understood to be a condition wherein one finds that the thyroid tends to go in to an overdrive, producing excessive amounts of hormone. While this thyroid hormone is essential, it is needed only in certain doses. An excess amount or even lesser amounts, as in the case of a hypothyroid problem, will cause problems. This is because your thyroid gland has an important role to play in regulating your natural metabolism. This effectively means that it determines the manner in which food eventually becomes energy. Furthermore, the thyroid gland has an impact on other organs like the heart and on body functions like cholesterol. An excess of this very essential hormone means that certain processes are put into rapid motion. For instance, since your metabolism is speeded up, you would find that you tend to lose weight quite rapidly, with adverse effects. Since the heart is affected, the heartbeat might be quickened. While there are other symptoms like feeling high strung, this excessive thyroid hormone production might leave you with no alarming symptoms at all. This makes it all the more difficult to detect and treat an overactive thyroid. Typically, Graves' disease is the factor behind hyperthyroid cases.

Remedies And Diet

It would be wise to check with your doctor about hyperthyroid treatments and talk to him or her before proceeding with treating the hyper thyroid gland at home. Typically, diet changes such as the abstinence when it comes to stimulants, is recommended. A lot of people recommend taking lemon balm tea for this particular thyroid problem. Green tea too is believed to help with this condition. Talk to your doctor about the factors in your diet which could be affecting that overactive thyroid. In most cases, the usual method of treatment involves the use of radioactive iodine. Treatment is usually a simple matter and could also take the form of antithyroid medication. It would be best to discuss hypothyroidism options with your doctor. Pregnant women are naturally prone to many disorders, including thyroid problems. If you suffer from hyperthyroidism and even suspect that you might be pregnant, your doctor should be consulted. Even if you do not really see any symptoms or if the symptoms do not affect your functioning, it is important so as to avoid complications that could result if that thyroid problem is not taken care of.

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