Remedies For Brittle Nails

By Patricia | February 26, 2010

Brittle nails as well as yellowing nails are often a cause for alarm amongst people. These two signs are clear indicators that your nails are facing a problem. We have to pay close attention to what such nail problems tell us. To start with, brittleness in nails could be suggestive of disorders or some conditions.

Brittle Nails and Thyroid

Thyroid problems, for example, could be behind brittle nails. Both hyperthyroid and hypothyroid complications could mean that the person also has to deal with easily broken nails. Furthermore, such conditions could cause further harm to the nails by leading to a split of the nail bed. This condition, known as onycholysis, is one of the more serious nail problems associated with thyroid disorders. At the same time, one must not overreact since such brittleness may commonly be observed as a person grows older. Liver disease could not only account for the yellowing of the nails but also damage to it. Similarly, damage to the nails could also be on account of kidney disease. This is because of the subsequent nitrogen waste accrual which afflicts the blood. Fungi could be behind the discoloration seen in your nails. The seriousness of any nail problem is determined by complex factors such as location, the kind of nail problem, linked symptoms and so on.

Home Remedies

Simple methods which should go a long way in preventing the formation of brittle nails as well as helping them must be followed. The simplest solution would be wearing your nails short, which cuts down the likelihood that they will break. Long nails may be quite the fashion statement but they are simply not good for your nails, especially if they are prone to breakage. This simple step will even keep brittle nails away in the long run. Nail polish is also to be avoided, especially considering how damaging the remover can be. This applies for yellowing as well as breakage of nails. Repeated application of nail polish, particularly darker colors, can result in those telltale yellow nails. Thus, simply stop using nail polish for a while and see the difference it makes to the color of your nails. Try to avoid harsh detergents and keep your hands clear of water for long periods of time. Once you are done washing or having a bath, you should treat your nails to a good skin softening cream. Your nails need moisture too and one has to provide them with a quality moisturizer or even vegetable oil.

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