Diet and Exercise for Reducing Your Weight

By Patricia | October 29, 2009

The best way to shed excess weight is to follow a two pronged method of eating healthy in addition to exercising adequately. This will ensure that you body is receiving the necessary nutrition as well as helping you burn off the extra calories by increasing metabolism. This will keep you healthy and toned and also promotes general well being. You also need to understand that losing excess weight is a gradual process that is achievable only through persistence and commitment. You also do not need to resort to expensive gym memberships and celebrity diets in order to reach your goal. Here are some practical and effective methods that will bring positive results.

Weight Reduction Diet And Exercise

Focus on changing and regulating your dietary habits such that they are focused on eating healthy. This may be difficult initially but with practice it will become a healthy habit. Avoid consuming white starches and carbohydrates as these become sugars in the body and add to body fat. This would mean avoiding white bread, white rice, cereal, pasta and potatoes. You can eat these once in a while, but the idea is to drastically reduce the intake of such foods. Also avoid sugary drinks, sweetened fruits juices, tea and coffee. Start weight training exercises and select five to eight exercises and practice them regularly. This could include pushdowns, calf raises, weight crunches, leg presses and shoulder presses. Cardiovascular exercises are also effective for weight reduction. Your exercises need to make you work up a sweat or else it means that they are not really working. Exercises that challenge the body mean that they are helping you burn off those extra pounds.

Home Remedies

Here are some home remedies that can complement your weight reduction diet and exercise regime. Since sugar adds to weight gain, an excellent alternative would be to use cinnamon. Cabbage is also believed to be effective in preventing sugars from being converted into fats. Cabbage can be eaten in its raw or cooked form. Having a glass of warm water to which lime juice and honey has been added is also known to be effective in weight reduction. Tomato is helpful in regulating cholesterol levels and must be consumed daily. Indian gooseberry is also known to be effective in preventing weight gain. Taking green tea is also effective in reducing weight and also promotes general well being. Another beneficial natural remedy is to soak a couple of tablespoons of horse gram in water for a night. Strain and drink the water the next morning. Carrot juice is also believed to be effective in weight regulation.

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