Athlete’s Foot – Causes and Remedies

By Patricia | October 29, 2009

Persistent itching on the feet can be a discomforting condition and no matter how much you try itching your foot, or rubbing it against something rough or even stamping hard on the ground, the itch may show no signs of dissipating. The feet could itch for several reasons. Friction with the shoes could cause irritation on the soles of the feet. Improper footwear or badly fitted socks could also contribute to this condition. Another common cause for itchy feet is excessive sweating. Some people tend to sweat more than normal on the feet and the moisture that builds up gets trapped due to the footwear. This could cause itching and irritation on the skin of the feet. Dirt and other particles could also become lodged in areas between the toes or in the cracks of the feet. Accumulation of dead skin cells can also be factor causing itching on the feet. Other than these common causes, there are some medical conditions that are characterized by itching on the skin. Dermatitis and eczema cause dryness, itching and scaling of the skin. A fungal infection such as athlete’s foot is another skin condition that occurs between the toes and causes a great deal of itching. Other causes could be spread of bacteria on the feet which cause infection and itching. For these medical conditions, you need to consult a doctor who will prescribe the appropriate medication that will treat the condition and also prevent it from spreading it further.

Itchy Feet Skin

If there is no infection or sores on the feet, you can exfoliate the skin on the feet using a loofah. This will serve to eliminate dead skin cells and other particles. Dusting baby powder on the feet, especially between the toes will absorb sweat and moisture and prevent it from irritating the skin. Ensure that your footwear and socks are properly fitted. Clean the shoes and sandals and wash the socks regularly to prevent bacteria and germs from thriving on them.


An effective home remedy for easing itching and irritation on the feet is to soak the feet in a warm water bath to which some ground raw oatmeal has been added. You can add fresh lemon juice to warm water and soak your feet in it. This will destroy fungus and bacteria that may be causing the itching. Another effective home remedy is to boil mint leaves in water to make a tea and soak the feet in it. You can even use mint tea bags for this. It will reduce irritation and itching. Another way to absorb sweat and moisture from the feet is to dust corn starch over the feet. This will restrict itching and infection from developing.

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