Home Remedies For Dark Knees And Elbows

By Patricia | September 2, 2009

Knees and elbows tend to get discolored over time because of the continued exposure to dirt and grime. These joints are used very extensively and it is normal for them to develop hard, rough skin. It is best to wash them regularly and exfoliate every once in a while to remove the stubborn dirt, grime and accumulated dead skin. On the darkened area, sometimes the use of a loofah, sponge or a soft pumice stone is required. An apricot, walnut or almond based scrub can help cleanse the area thoroughly and bring out the fresh and soft skin under the layers.

Lime juice, an excellent natural bleaching agent, contains a lot of citrus juices that help bleach out the dark patches on the elbows and knees. Just cut a lemon into two halves and rub it over the joins. The pulp of the lemon provides gentle exfoliation and the juices help bleach the skin. Once you are through rubbing it on the areas, leave it for about half an hour so that the bleaching can occur. After half an hour simply wash it off with water.

You can even grind some chick peas into flour and mix that with a little fresh yogurt to make a thick paste. Use this paste to massage your joints. This too acts to exfoliate the skin and makes it glow.

Be careful with the soaps you use. Soaps have harsh chemicals and fillers in them. Therefore switch to a soap bar or liquid soap that is made up of moisturizing crème. Alternatively, you can also use glycerin soap. After you have had your bath, rub the darkened joints with some fragrant massage oils or a deep moisturizing cream. Sometimes, even a long shower can make a difference. It loosens up the dead skin and the dead skin just comes out upon rubbing with slight pressure.

The dirt could also stick to the creases of your skin; therefore it is best to have your own cleansing and exfoliating regime. Cleanse your skin thoroughly every day and every once in a week, exfoliate it. Moisturizing is essential every day. Moisturizers that contain jojoba oil, shea butter, alpha – hydroxyl or sweet almond oil are all good for moisturizing the rough dry skin of the joints. These ingredients also have a long term effect and help retain moisture. In addition, if your joints are going to be exposed, it is a good idea to apply some sunscreen on them too. A sunscreen of SPF 20 and above is generally suited for this purpose.

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