Chronic Indigestion (Bloating, Flatulence And Gas)

By Patricia | November 14, 2009

Indigestion is mainly caused when excessive acids are secreted by the stomach. The stomach acids combine with air that enter the stomach while chewing or eating food in a hurry. The acid and air then irritate the mucous lining of the stomach leading to discomfort. Gas or flatulence is caused due to swallowing air or if food remains unprocessed by the digestive juices in the stomach. Diarrhea is usually caused due to viral infections or intake of unhealthy foods. Food poisoning can also cause chronic diarrhea. Various other digestive and health disorders such as gastroenteritis, smoking and the excessive intake of alcohol can inhibit the functioning of the digestive system leading to digestive problems such as stomach pain, indigestion, flatulence and diarrhea. The common symptoms associated with digestive disorders are nausea, bloating, vomiting and diarrhea.

Diarrhea Remedies

Diarrhea can be resolved with the help of simple home remedies. It is important to note that such remedies are beneficial for mild to moderate conditions. Severe or chronic diarrhea may require medical attention. Simple herbal remedies or herbal tea can treat diarrhea and also keep the body hydrated. Water loss or dehydration can cause weakness and so the intake of herbal teas helps to balance out this water loss. An herbal tea employs dried roots, leaves or flowers of herbs. Such dried herbs are steeped in hot boiling water, strained and then consumed when cool. Roots of dandelions, crushed seeds of pepper, flowering plant of knotgrass, dried flowers of marjoram, crushed whole plant of spearmint and the whole plant of yarrow can be separately steeped in boiling water to make herbal teas. The herbal tea can be had three to four times a day until you experience relief from stomach distress. Another effective remedy is an herbal concoction made of cinnamon and pomegranate bark. A cup of pomegranate bark and crushed pomegranate fruit should be boiled in water for ten minutes. Few cloves and cinnamon bark is added to the boiling water for flavor. The water is then cooled and strained. This herbal mixture can be had three to four times a day until the diarrhea attacks subside.

Your dietary intake must be monitored to ensure better functioning of the digestive system. Fruits, juices and vegetables must form an important part of your diet until you recover from diarrhea completely. It is also important to stay away from oily and fried snacks. The intake of refined foods, sweets and sugars inhibits the function of the digestive system. Smoking as well as the intake of alcohol, coffee and tea must also be avoided.

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