Causes of Stiff Neck and Dizziness

By Patricia | February 8, 2010

A teenager have stiff neck and get dizzy when he move his head, what could be the reason?

Most of the time, there is no connection between suffering from a stiff neck and feeling dizzy. A stiff neck can be a result of a variety of things. Here’s a short list of common, everyday things that can give your teenager a stiff neck: Using a pillow that does not support the neck and head while sleeping or using too many pillows; sleeping in an extremely twisted and convoluted manner; maintaining a bad posture while working on a computer whole day long; too much stress; bending the head in a particular manner while reading a book for a long time; holding the phone with the shoulder instead of hand while talking; or something as severe as a trauma caused to the neck as a result of a car or some other accident; some kind of a disorder or disease that has afflicted the neck muscle tissues, and so on. You can be sure that your teenager is suffering from a stiff neck if there is severe pain in the neck muscles, moving the head from side-to-side, up and down, or rotating it is proving to be difficult, and if touching the ear to the shoulder is not possible.

Stiff Neck And Dizziness

On the other hand, dizziness is a result of, another ailment such as infection in the inner ear, irregular blood flow throughout the body and mainly to the head, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, fever, low level of blood sugar, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. The spinning of the room, blanking out totally for a few seconds, feeling light-headed, and similar other symptoms, are all indications that you are feeling dizzy. As you can see, there is no connection between feeling dizzy and suffering from a stiff neck. However, there are two situations in which one problem could lead to the other. If you move your head suddenly or if your head is pushed suddenly and abruptly, it can lead to straining of the neck, which would in turn lead to a stiff neck. At the same time, this sudden movement can cause an imbalance in your equilibrium, which would then lead to a feeling of dizziness. Another situation in which there could be a connection between the two is when the stiff neck is due to a nerve getting pressed. This pressed nerve would affect the blood circulation, and this in turn would lead to a feeling of dizziness.

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