Treating Acne Scars and Redness

By Patricia | October 9, 2009

Almost each and every one of us has been through an attack of Acne and we can all agree that the condition is not only painful at times, but can also make a person look quite unsightly. More often than not, the acne is also accompanied by a very prominent redness that is caused largely due to swelling. Very often, one will also notice that the areas that are most red in color happen to be the most painful. In order to get rid of the redness; one will have to do all that is possible to get rid of the condition completely. One of the foremost methods of prevention is to understand the causes of the condition. One of the most common causes is today’s heavily polluted atmosphere. Pollutant particles in the air settle on your skin and can cause irritation. This in turn increases sebum production. An increase in sebum production causes blockages in the pores which transports the sebum to the surface of your skin. Once these ducts are blocked, bacteria that are present within these pores cause the area to become infected. This causes a large pustule which contains the bacteria to form. A relatively high intake of oily foods and fried substances can also greatly increase the likelihood of the development of acne, while factors like heredity can also be equally blamed.

Home Remedy

All efforts to get rid of the pimple redness must also be focused on treating the condition. Some people choose to apply some toothpaste on the pimple over the course of the night as this is known to help reduce the swelling. You could also try calming the irritated skin by placing an ice cube or cold compress over the area for about 15 to 20 minutes and then apply some milk to it. A paste made with sandalwood powder and rose water can also be applied to this area. Lemon juice is known to help tremendously in the cases of an acne attack, you could try soaking a cotton ball in some lemon juice and place it over the affected areas for about 5 minutes. It is important that you do not burst the pimple proactively as this will leave a permanent red scar on your skin. Frequent exfoliation will help reduce the occurrence of acne as this will help remove any dead skin cells that exist on the upper layers of the skin. You can mix a little fresh tomato juice along with your scrub to increase its effectiveness.

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