Yoga Poses to Reduce Bulky Hips

By Patricia | September 17, 2008
Yoga Poses For 'Love Handles'!

Bulky hips can be reduced by practicing yoga asanas daily in the morning or evening. Yoga is a discipline and it not only helps to reduce body fat but also helps an individual mentally and psychologically.

Yoga Exercises for Hips

  • Pavan Muktasana (The Wind-Free Pose):
  • Sleep on your back with your legs together. Keep your hands on the side of your body. Start lifting both your legs from the ground. Make sure that your knees are not folded. Raise your legs from the hips itself till at least a 45 degrees angle is formed. Now, fold your legs on the knees and bring them close to your chest. Your hands should still be placed on the side of your body while your legs are folded. The next step would be to hold your right knee with your left palm and vice versa. Raise your head with chin facing upwards and try to touch your chin to your knees.
    This yoga asana puts pressure on the abdomen and hip muscles bringing them to shape and reducing the size.

  • Bhujangasana (The Cobra Pose):
  • To do the Cobra Pose, sleep on your chest. Lie down on a flat surface with a thin layer of carpet. Place your knees and toes together without leaving space between the two legs. Your forehead should touch the ground. Hands will be on the side of the body and the palms should face upwards. The first step is to fold your hands on the elbow. Put the palms on the side of the body next to the chest, facing downwards. With this position, now raise your head and face in the front direction. Slowly put pressure on your lower back muscles and bring your chest upwards. Gradually, your entire torso will be in the air. Thus, the abdomen, spine and pelvis/hip region muscles are stretched.

  • Dhanurasana (The Bow Pose):
  • For the Bow Pose, again lie down your chest with your forehead touching the floor. Legs have to be placed together and hands on the sides of the body. Fold your knees and lift your legs. Turn your legs inwards so that they reach to your hips. Now, with your right hand catch the right ankle and the left ankle with your left hand. Before you catch your legs with their respective hands, raise your face and make sure your chin is touching the floor. Once, your hands are catching the ankles aim at uplifting your upper body and thighs. Your complete body weight will be on the curved navel position. Due to this pressure on the muscles, the fat deposit diminishes.

These easy steps if practiced for even 5 minutes everyday will help you a great deal to make your hips less bulky.

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