Jal Neti Yoga For Sinus & Allergies

By Patricia | January 19, 2009
Jal Neti Yoga For Sinus & Allergies

Jal Neti is cleansing of the nasal path with warm saline water.  The water poured from one nostril comes out of the other nostril.  For practicing Jal Neti you use a Neti-pot which has a spout or you can use a feeding cup with a spout.

Put about half a liter of warm water in the pot and add a little salt.  Tilt your neck and touch the tip of the spout to the right nostril.  Open your mouth and continue breathing through your mouth.  Slowly pour some water into the right nostril.  Since you are breathing through the mouth, initially the water passes through your throat into the stomach.  However, in actual ‘Jal Neti’, the water goes from one nostril has to come out from the other nostril.   Tilt your head back till you find the position of the neck comfortable enough for the water poured from one nostril to come out of the other nostril.  Repeat the same procedure with the other nostril too.  In other words, if you have poured water from the right nostril and water has come out from the left; now pour it from the left nostril and let the water drain out from the right nostril.

The flow of water coming out from both the nostrils will not be the same as it will depend upon how much blockade is present.  Do jalneti slowly.  For each nostril, half a liter of water should be used.  You can pause in between initially but once you are comfortable try pouring the entire water at a stretch. In the beginning you can practice this Yoga cleansing pose every day to attain beneficial results.  Later, you can do it once or twice in a month or as and when you feel that your nasal path needs to be cleaned.  Especially when you feel that you are coming down with a cold and sore throat. This nostril cleansing pose is highly effective as it flushes out your ENT passage leaving no scope for any infection.

After doing Jal Neti, you stand bent from the waist and with your hands on the waist; make short and forceful expulsion of breath through both the nostrils as is done in ‘Kapalbhati’ (The Cleansing Breath).  You may also blow your nose from alternate nostrils 15-20 times to bring out every drop of water.

Jal Neti offers immense relief from sinus.  It is effective for those suffering from asthma, allergy and hay fever.  It is good to treat myopia in the eyes and certain deafness in the ears.  It improves eyesight and power of concentration.  It is also good for migraine, stress and depression.

It is advisable to learn the technique of Jal Neti from an expert.

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