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  • Inverted Poses Benefits For Women

    Importance of Inverted Yoga Poses for Women

    By Patricia | December 15, 2008

    The inverted postures are most important yoga poses for rejuvenation. Inverted poses are especially recommended for women because of their regenerating effect on the thyroid.. Regular practice of Viparitkarani (The Inverted posture), Sarvangasana (The Shoulder-stand pose) and ...

  • Yoga Poses That Help Conception Chances

    Yoga Poses Which Help To Cope With Fertility Issues

    By Patricia | December 8, 2008

    Yoga For Fertility Yoga is supposed to be good for fertility issues. Hatha yoga is more beneficial if you’re trying to conceive instead of vigorous forms like Power yoga. Couples suffering from fertility issues or just trying to conceive have a ...

  • Snake Yoga Benefits For Women

    Health Benefits Of Snake Yoga

    By Patricia | November 28, 2008

    What Is Snake Yoga (Bhujangasana) Bhujang is the Sanskrit word for snake and in this asana the body looks like a snake. Bhujangasana, also known as the cobra or the snake pose, is performed by raising your head with your chest. ...

  • Yoga For Fibroids & Cysts In Women

    Yoga Poses For Women With Fibroids & Cysts

    By Patricia | November 18, 2008

    Fibroids happen to be among the commonest type of benign tumors that occur in a woman’s reproductive tract. They could range from the size of a mustard seed or be big enough to occupy her whole abdominal cavity. Fibroids seldom ...

  • Yoga Poses For Hypothyroidism & PCOD

    Yoga For Hypothyroidism & PCOD (Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease)

    By Patricia | November 14, 2008

    Causes Of Hypothyroidism In hypothyroidism your body is deficient in the thyroid hormone. The key function of thyroid hormone is to manage the metabolism of the body. The second rather familiar causes of hypothyroidism are: Autoimmune thyroiditis is the most predominant cause ...

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