Benefits Of Patchouli Oil

By Patricia | April 14, 2009
Patchouli Oil Benefits

Patchouli essential oil is extracted from the leaves of the patchouli plant through a method known as steam distillation. The plant is native to India and Malaysia, and its scent is said to be rich and earthy. The aroma of patchouli oil is believed to be long-lasting and strengthens with age. Patchouli oil has many benefits owing to its astringent, antidepressant, antiseptic, and disinfectant properties. The oil is also regarded to be an effective aphrodisiac. In the following paragraphs, some of the most common benefits of patchouli oil have been described.

Patchouli oil is can be used to keep your skin healthy and glowing. In fact, many patchouli lotions and soaps are available in the market for this reason. It is also know to be effective in clearing the skin and removing blemishes and scars. Patchouli oil facilitates tissue regeneration and enhances blood flow to the area where applied, and as a result, it is often used to remove marks and spots on the skin. The oil is also an extremely effective astringent; it can be applied on a regular basis to ensure that your muscles remain taut, your skin remains tight, and even you gums and hair follicles remain healthy.

Owing to its antiseptic and disinfectant properties, patchouli oil is also often used use to fight off infection. Application of patchouli oil on the affected area relieves inflammation and inhibits fungal and bacterial growth. It also ensures that open wounds and cuts remain clean. The oil is also useful in fighting off internal infections and has is often used to bring down fevers. Surprisingly, patchouli oil also has diuretic properties. Aiding the digestive and kidney functions of the body, the oil helps to remove excess toxins and salts from the body and ensures that an adequate amount of urine is passed regular. It is also known to aid in weight loss and help in decreasing blood pressure.

Patchouli oil is also an extremely effective antidepressant. It is often used in aromatherapy to uplift the mood, strengthen the mind, and relax the body. Owing to its mood-enhancing properties, patchouli oil has also been used as an aphrodisiac. In fact, during the swinging sixties, it became popular for this very reason. It has been know to effective in treating several sexual dysfunctions such as impotency and loss of libido.

Patchouli oil has a strong earthy scent, and for this reason, it is often used in perfumes. Moreover, since its fragrance is strong and long-lasting, it has become popular as a natural deodorant. However, patchouli oil should be diluted when used as it is extremely strong. Patchouli soaps, creams, and lotions are available in the market. It can also be used as a massage oil or as a bath soak.

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