Running With Lower Back Pain

By Patricia | August 15, 2010
Running And Lower Back Pain

Running and pain especially lower back pain unfortunately tend to go hand in hand and running should ideally be a physical activity that is excellent for staying in shape and also is a source of enjoyment and de-stressing. Running with lower back pain is commonly found on account of wearing inappropriate running shoes, pushing forward to run, trying to hold oneself upright while running, running whilst already suffering from an injury or even because of having too much bounce in ones stride. This is all observed because running tends to put a tremendous amount of strain on the lower back of the individual. In fact the constant pounding of the fete that happens while running tends to send shock waves to the hips and the spine. One of the causes of a developing a lower back pain on account of running is flat feet which tend to bring about a mechanical imbalance which will result in back pain. Similarly, a pelvic imbalance or a limb length discrepancy may also result in lower back pain in the individual. Certain other pre existing medical conditions that may cause lower back pain while running are a degenerative disc between the vertebrae or a spinal curvature. One of the major causes of back pain is muscular strain, however it is always beneficial to consult a doctor and confirm the exact cause of the lower back pain experienced while running so as to avoid any complications in future. Some additional factors that contribute to running with lower back pain are weak back and abdominal muscles, foot or weight imbalance and tight hamstrings. Immediate relief from lower back pain while running can be gained by a reduction in the mileage and running uphill. This is because the biomechanics involved in running up hills or even running at unusual angles tend to result in postural changes which in turn demand greater stress on the back muscles. Running and pain complement each other. Treatment for lower back pain caused by running also includes contrast hot baths, damp heat, heat rubs and steam room. More serious causes for back pain may require one to go in for surgery or even visit a chiropractor who may help you realign the spine. Sometimes one may find relief from lower back pain and running by simply changing ones footwear or by using insoles or sports orthotics. One may also practice certain back strengthening exercises to strengthen the core muscle strength of the back. These exercises are most effective if performed along with lower extremity and back flexibility training.

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