Can too much food be harmful?

Submitted by Bonnie Sedan on February 25, 2013
We may not live just to eat, but eating is one of the most important functions in our lives. Without food we cannot live. So how can eating ever be harmful? Of course, we aren't talking about too much food consumed on a regular basis so that you get overweight. We're talking about a food party, such as during thanksgiving when almost all of us overeat.


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This one day isn't going to make you obese, but then there's a lot that we don't know. In this article, we discuss exactly what the problems are with eating too much of any food.


Generally, our bodies take an entire day to process all the food that we eat, and when we overeat, our digestive system is under stress.

You need to reduce stress, and water therapy is considered one of the best ways to relax after a heavy meal.

The kind of food

Usually, there isn't any processed food during thanksgiving. You will, however, be surprised at the amount of toxins that you can get even with normal food. For example, in our country, there are very few companies that actually mark their products as genetically modified. This means that from the corn to the meat that we eat almost anything can be GM food. While all food companies go to extremes to point out that GM food isn't dangerous, you'll be surprised to know that animal studies have showed that GM food does cause problems with the hepatic, pancreatic, renal and/or reproductive organs. Although they do not come right out and say that GM food is bad, they still urge caution in that they recommend further study.

Then, we need to consider the food that we don't even count, like the colas, fruit juices, coffees, etc. Unless you're making the juice fresh at home, they all come with preservatives, and although the FDA has classified them as "generally safe," studies conducted on workers who work in factories that manufacture these preservatives/additives show that when inhaled these preservatives can cause bronchial problems.

Even coffee, which gives you caffeine, is bad. The recommended daily dose of caffeine should not be over 500 mg and one large mug of coffee made from Robusta beans can give you as much as 350 mg. And how many such cups do we drink daily? In fact, nowadays we are finding that chemicals that are found in almost all chemically produced things, from shampoos to body sprays and creams are all bad. Most of these chemicals have been tested only for ingestion, and new studies are showing how aerosol particles can cause hitherto unforeseen negative consequences.

So what do we do?

Of course, it's impossible for us to completely eliminate all chemicals from our lives. However, we can make an effort at reducing it. Make sure you use natural alternatives such as make fruit juices at home, eat vegetables, and other fiber rich food. Doing yoga on a daily basis is also good because it helps flush toxins out of the body. In fact, yoga is probably one of the best ways to detox body after a thanksgiving food party.

Take a steam bath because it helps relax and calm the mind. It also promotes sweating that move toxins into the bloodstream and then flushes it out as sweat. Especially for people who don't sweat too much, this is a very good way for toxin removal.

Some people swear by alternating hot and cold water, but don't overdo it. Many athletes do use cold water to reduce inflammation and muscular soreness, but as to whether cold water helps in other ways is not known. A cold water bath is supposed to be more invigorating than a hot water bath, but be careful. Too much or too cold water can have negative consequences. So the next time you overindulge, just bear this in mind and then go ahead.

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