Yoga Poses & Breathing Exercises For Cracked Bone In The Vertebral Column

By Patricia | April 21, 2009
Yoga For Cracked Vertebral Bone

Yoga postures and breathing exercises are known to heal many a seemingly impossible problem, baffling medical practitioners the world over. You may wonder how, but the answer is actually very simple. Our bodies are the product of years of evolution, and the mastery of nature. Most of the flaws and shortcomings in our bodies occur later in life are the result of our own doing. However, Yoga has an answer to them.

Yoga, being a holistic science and art of living helps set things right just by putting the body and all it's organs, as well as the cellular structure, back on track. In so doing, it helps reverse the messed up process, resulting from wrong living and wrong dietary habits. Cracked bone in the vertebral column is just one of them. Yoga helps set things right through a complete set of techniques that include:

  1. Yogasanas (poses)
  2. Pranayamas (breathing exercises)
  3. Kriyas (cleansing techniques)
  4. Yoga diet (pure, light and predominantly vegetarian)
  5. Relaxation exercises

While there seems to be no direct connection between the above stated solutions and your problem, research has thrown up some rather drastic results, in a variety of cases. There are innumerable instances of patients resorting to Yoga practices, simply stemming from fear of surgery, to avoid a painful heart surgery. Very often the heart blocks have dissolved and disappeared in time, just through a combination of the above mentioned practices. Likewise, in the case of such painful and distressing conditions as fibromyalgia, bone spurs, cervical spondylitis, lumbar disc prolapse, lumbar canal stenosis, sciatica and many other disconcerting conditions, for which modern medical science has no more than palliatives.

By altering your lifestyle, doing the asanas (yoga poses), pranayamas (breathing exercises) and kriyas (cleansing techniques), regularly and consistently, and by sticking to a Yoga diet, you help rid yourself of all toxins that are a major source of most of the body's ills. Secondly, over time, you let your body regenerate many of those healing, curative fluids and juices that it is capable of but has the lost the power to do, owing to wrong living habits. This itself suffices to help restore the physical balance and effect healing from within. Once your Yoga practices reach your cellular structure, everything starts to change automatically; and there is no asking how.

Together with the techniques mentioned above, it would help you to take a calcium magnesium combination in addition to protein that is so vital to your body, since it is made up of amino acids. Protein is also crucial to any healing function of the body. But, together with calcium and magnesium, it will work wonders.

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