Yoga For Building Your Muscles and Toning Up Your Body

By Patricia | December 24, 2008
Yoga For Building Muscles

Well, many people associate yoga with stretching and relaxation exercises that just might put you to sleep! But yoga is so much more than basic stretching. Whether you believe in pumping iron, working out at the gym, playing robust sports or crunching your abs, yoga is an exercise that can fit your fitness schedule anytime. In fact, several athletes and fitness fanatics, combine yoga with their other exercises to get the maximum benefits. Yoga stretches and lengthens their muscles, tones up their bodies, keeps their organs healthy, their minds calm and their overall fitness program, enjoyable! And the good news is that yoga also helps to build muscles. While you cannot expect a bulky body, what you’d get after pumping iron for hours; you can definitely get a well-toned and healthy body after doing yoga regularly. This is why yoga is said to be good for building your muscles and toning up:

  • Yoga is a good mix of physiology and anatomy, which stretches and relaxes muscles and joints, and reduces stiffness that one can feel after a workout.
  • Yoga can help you attain body balance and can prevent the wear and tear of tissues. Yoga also strengthens and lubricates joins as well as core muscles. It massages all the internal organs, keeping your internal system healthy.
  • Combined with pranayama breathing techniques, yoga is good for your overall well being. Yoga also makes your body more supple.
  • Yoga can also treat sports injuries that you might incur while weight lifting. Yoga postures can not only heal but also strengthen your injured muscles and tendons, making them more flexible and resilient.
  • You may even like to do yoga before you do your workout or weight lifting as the extra oxygen that the body inhales during yoga will oxygenate your muscles, stretch your body and prepare you for the rigorous workout. It will also improve your blood circulation and help you warm up.
  • Yoga can help you relax, if you do it after your workout.

Yoga As A Muscle Building Workout:

  • Yoga is a combination of twists, stretches, sting and standing poses, inversions and balancing poses. If you follow a certain sequence, yoga will work out all the muscles of your body.
  • Yoga involves holding poses – this strengthens your limbs, tones up your body and lengthens your muscles.
  • Yoga also involves lifting your body weight, which is good for muscle building.
  • You can do ashtanga yoga for muscle building.
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