Yoga Poses For High Acidity

By Patricia | October 27, 2008
Yoga Asanas For Acidity Relief

The stomach normally secretes acid that is necessary for digestion. This acid helps in breaking down food. When there is excessive production of acid in the stomach, it leads to acidity. Usually protective mechanisms in the stomach protect against acidity. Acidity is made worse by a weak valve between the stomach and food pipe, heavy meals, damaged stomach lining or inadequate blood supply to the stomach. Acidity is also more common in highly emotional and nervous individuals.

Yoga can help in dealing with all the basic root causes of acidity. It is a discipline that makes all the organs of the body stronger, improves the blood circulation and calms the mind through exercise, breathing techniques and meditation

Yoga Postures For Acidity

Some postures are particularly good for improving digestion and reducing acidity. One of these is the Hero’s Pose. In this posture, you have to kneel with your seat between your legs and hands on your knees. This posture improves digestion and you can do this even after meals and sit in this pose up to 20 minutes. The Down Facing Hero’s Pose continues from this position and you have to bend forward and touch your forehead to the floor with your arms extended forward and palms touching. This pose also quiets the mind. You can hold for 30 to 60 seconds and repeat it twice.

The Cobbler Pose also soothes the mind and lowers blood pressure. If you can, hold this pose for 60 seconds and repeat twice or thrice. The Head to Knee Pose tones the spine and abdomen and reduces strain. The Back Spine Stretching Pose relaxes the spine and improves digestion. The Crocodile Pose massages the abdominal organs and reduces stress. All these poses will definitely help in reducing acidity and improve general digestion. They might be difficult to do initially and you might need the help of a yoga expert to start you off.

You should also practice proper breathing techniques to help clear your system of toxins and ensure proper flow of oxygen to your stomach. In Alternate Nostril Breathing Technique, you have to breathe in fully through one nostril while filling your stomach with air and breathe out through the other nostril while compressing your diaphragm.

Meditation helps to lower your blood pressure and pulse, and relaxes the mind. Since acidity is often more pronounced in high strung people, the calming effect of mediation will help you in letting go of worrying issues and allow your mind to remain balanced and positive.

Another exercise that you can do to close your day is the Corpse Posture. In this posture, you focus on each part of the body from head to toe and relax it consciously. This calms your mind and body and helps in proper digestion and relaxed sleep.

You should also be careful with your diet. Eat small meals at regular intervals, eat slowly and chew thoroughly. Avoid heavy, oily food and eat steamed and easily digestible food. By following the yoga routine and a yogic diet, it is possible to cure acidity problems so get started as soon as you can.

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