Viniyoga And Its Advantage

By Patricia | February 12, 2009
The Viniyoga Method

The word 'Yoga' has been derived from the Sanskrit word 'yuj' which means 'to join'. It signifies 'union with self'. It also implies communion with the supreme universal spirit to find fulfillment and eternal bliss. The great sages of India had perfected several methods and popularized several styles of yoga. Over the years yoga has been adopted as art of living by common people for attaining perfect state of health and equilibrium. Different methods of yoga have evolved.

'Viniyoga' is one of the modern methods which has been introduced by T.K.V. Disikacharya, son of Shri Krishanamacharya, a world renowned yoga teacher. Viniyog means appropriate provision or application. In yoga's concept, Viniyoga means appropriate application of yoga practices.

By appropriate application of yoga practices, it means practice of yoga commensurate with the individual's requirements and capabilities. Interestingly, needs and capabilities are not constant. Physical and emotional requirements keep changing. Yoga practices are also adapted accordingly.

Yoga poses that are taught and the way they are taught differ from person to person in Viniyoga. The practice completely depends on the individual and the situation. An energetic and lively person may be attracted towards vigorous poses whereas what he needs is gentle postures which will calm him. Conversely, a lethargic person will need to practice stimulating ones.

Viniyoga focuses on breathing, repetition of movements, sequencing and awareness. The emphasis is on stretching, relaxation and breathing technique. It teaches you to move with the breath. You are made to feel the breath and how it is facilitating your movement. As regards body postures or Asanas, you adapt the poses to meet your requirement, work dynamically in those poses to see how far you can stretch and every move that you make is synchronized with the breath.

Viniyoga is really appropriate for those who have serious ailments or injury as the postures are modified to support your needs and capabilities. In fact, it is ideal for everybody because of its individualistic stance.

Many benefits of Viniyoga are –

  • improves physical capabilities
  • increases flexibility
  • improves posture
  • makes spine flexible
  • beneficial for chronic diseases
  • improves memory and power of concentration
  • awareness of breath and movement
  • breathing fuller and deeper
  • removes negative thoughts
  • makes you optimistic and positive
  • develops physical, mental and intellectual abilities
  • increases flow of energy
  • acceptance of self

Viniyoga which is a tailormade personalised yoga practice makes a real difference in the breathing pattern and makes you aware of your body. This form of yoga revives your body and makes you calm and peaceful.

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