Influence of Meditation On The Brain

By Patricia | October 22, 2008
How Meditation Affects The Mind

Meditation is a therapeutic mental discipline that aims to make the mind stronger, as a result, the body too benefits. Meditation involves taking a few peaceful minutes from your hectic schedule to focus the mind’s attention on a single point to achieve a still mind. Meditation is known to be very effective in building and maintaining mental and emotional health.

Benefits Of Meditation For Brain

Meditation brings with it several benefits, and this includes a positive impact on the brain as well. In fact meditation proves to be an excellent form of exercise for the brain to engage in. the brain as we know is the body’s headquarters; it controls everything. Meditation helps to enforce the brain and its vitality.

Self Awareness – The brain always needs to be alert and aware. This awareness controls how you behave and perform. Through regular meditation you can further develop your sense of awareness and by doing so, your potential. Self awareness is a journey that takes you from what you are doing to what you are capable of doing. Through meditation you begin to understand yourself and your abilities better; it makes you more confident and as a result more positive.

Concentration – Regular practice of meditation is said to have a positive impact on the brain’s acumen. It is said to be the perfect boost for your grey cells. The mind is always active. Sometimes this leads to a loss of focus is scattered and we as a result, potential. Meditation helps you focus more efficiently on the task at hand. Doing so, it helps you improve your concentration powers and memory and as a result, intelligence.

Mental Strength – Stress is always the enemy. It runs amok and breaks down the entire system. Through the practice of meditation you can train your mind to fight off this stress. This is, in fact, the greatest benefit of meditation. In today’s world, stress and fatigue are common place. You are bound to fall prey sooner rather than later. However, if you equip yourself with the ability to rise above the stress, you can successfully beat it. Meditation teaches you how to get rid of the negativity and clutter. Through the breathing techniques involved in the practice of meditation, your body and brain receive the required amount of oxygen, which reduces stress and increases the brain’s power to always stay alert. Meditation gives you mental and emotional strength to handle any situation with composure and efficiency.

Relaxation – Through meditation, you brain can finally relax. It is said that the practice of meditation causes a shift in the brainwaves, where in all the activity shifts to an alpha state – a state associated with serenity and bliss. Through meditation you can focus your thoughts on a single point of reference. This teaches you how to control the constant activity in the mind and channel that wasted energy towards a spirit of positivity and calm.

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