Do’s And Don’ts For Beginner’s Yoga Classes And Routines

By Patricia | May 14, 2009
Beginners Yoga: Dos And Don’ts

Yoga is a great way to exercise as well as relax. It is the only form of physical training that will ease the stress and tension from your muscles and joints, as well as from your mind, without adding undue fatigue or overexertion. Yoga exercises and asanas (poses) are also known to refresh and give the practitioner a lot more energy compared to before class. Further, yoga exercises and poses help add to your overall good health and inner peace. The wide range of Yogasanas (poses) is specially designed to help practitioners attain a high level of balance, self-awareness, stamina and strength.

Basically, the 7 types of body movements you do as part of Yoga exercises and asanas (poses) are extension, hyperextension, flexion, abduction, adduction, circumduction and rotation. Sometimes you are taught a combination of these moves for a more flexible, stronger, and healthier physique. Then there are the pranayamas (breathing exercises) that help you breathe better, develop greater lung capacity, cool and calm down the mind. Put together, these practices in a beginner’s yoga class are designed to relax, rejuvenate and refresh.

Here is a list Dos and Don'ts for a beginner’s yoga class


  1. Have your meals just before Yoga class. Try and have a light meal or a snack a few hours before.
  2. Have water during class. Always drink a little water before and after class.
  3. Use any footwear such as shoes or socks in Yoga classes.


  1. Review the systems and procedures so that you are not uncomfortable on entering a new environment.
  2. In your first class, please make sure to inform the instructor (in all probability, you will not be the only newcomer).
  3. Ask the teacher for help if you need it.
  4. If and when the instructor does not demonstrate every pose look around and do what your fellow students are doing. But, also bear in mind that some of the students may be more advanced, so please don’t compare yourself with them.
  5. Acquaint yourself with some of the beginner’s Yogasanas (poses) before your first Yoga session.
  6. Return after a couple days for the next class.

Yoga class routine

As far as the Yoga class routine goes, it is usually the same everywhere. The class normally starts with an invocation or prayer followed by a short talk. You then get into the session beginning with the Yogasanas (poses) followed by the pranayamas (breathing exercises). Seldom do they teach breathing exercises before. At the end there is, usually, a brief meditation session, in which you are taught to concentrate and relax and center yourself.

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