Yoga Therapy For Schizophrenia: Signs, Poses and Pranayama

By Patricia | December 1, 2008
Yoga Therapy For Schizophrenia

What Is Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is, sadly, a rather serious brain disorder. It affects the way an individual thinks, acts, and sees things around. People suffering from schizophrenia normally end up having an altered perception of reality and even a significant lack of contact with it. They tend to see and hear non-existent things, speak strangely and even confusingly, very often feel that they are at harm from perfectly innocuous people, or labor under the delusion of being under perpetual scrutiny. In fact, such is their blurred line of vision between the imaginary and real, that the condition makes it difficult – even alarming – to deal with in daily life. Many schizophrenics, as they are sadly referred to, are withdrawn from society, entirely, or live in constant state of fear and confusion.

Most Frequent Signs Of Schizophrenia Are:

  • Withdrawal from society, even near and dear ones
  • Undue suspicions or hostility
  • Lack of and carelessness in matters of personal hygiene
  • Flat, vacant, expressionless eyes
  • Inability to express themselves – joy or sadness even
  • Depression without rhyme or reason
  • Insomnia or its opposite, oversleep
  • Irrational and odd or behavior
  • Forgetfulness and an inability to concentrate
  • Hypersensitivity, particularly to the smallest criticism even
  • Peculiar use of language, phrases or words in speech
  • Inexplicable bouts of crying or laughter

Yoga Therapy For Schizophrenia

Even though schizophrenia is a chronic condition, there is lots of help, particularly from Yoga and especially in averting the condition. Given the right medication, social support, and with a little help from Yoga therapy, a lot of people suffering from schizophrenia are able to show drastic improvements, function independently and lead healthy, happy lives, without inconveniencing others. However, the results are best when the condition is diagnosed early and treated immediately. Taking up yoga before the onset of the condition is however the best possible option to averting the condition.

At first the signs and symptoms of schizophrenia you should seek the assistance of both a medical practitioner and a trained, experienced Yoga teacher, without delay. Even though the patient might not respond easily, with a little persuasion you can get him or her to indulge n the practices. Yoga works by stimulating and reinvigorating the unresponsive nervous system that has dulled and become numb owing to a variety of reasons.

Asanas (Yoga Poses) & Pranayama (Breathing Exercises)

The Yoga therapy for a schizophrenic would include all the simple, easy asanas in the following categories – standing, sitting, prone and supine. Please avoid instructing them to perform inverted or balancing postures no matter how young or healthy and fit they may be or appear.

Teach them mild Kapalabhatti (Skull cleansing) and Anuloma-Viloma (Alternate nostril breathing). For schizophrenics, please avoid all other pranayama (breathing exercises). The above mentioned breathing exercises are specially designed to cleanse, invigorate and bring back a lost balance between the two lobes of the brain.

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