Get Better Self Confidence With Yoga

By Patricia | October 16, 2008
Get Better Self Confidence With Yoga

Do you feel weighed down by the world? Do you shy away because you find it hard to standout or because you are afraid to standout? Do you miss out on opportunities because you don't take the risks and try new things? If yes, the answer you are looking for is "Self Confidence."

Self confidence is the belief in oneself; to feel good and perform your best. However, this is easier said than done. Many people suffer from lack of confidence, which further affects their productivity and happiness; it comes in between them and the life they want to lead. If you fall in this bracket, you might want to give yoga a shot.

Yoga is the holistic practice of building and maintaining both physical and mental health. Through a series of postures, breathing exercises and meditation you can work on your body and mind, developing a newer, better you. But how does yoga help build self confidence?

Self Awareness- The regular practice of yoga helps you to understand your body and mind; its capabilities and potential. It is a journey from what you could do to what is possible. Yoga helps you understand yourself internally. Once you are aware of the potential that lies within you, your self esteem and self worth automatically shoot up. You are at ease with yourself, which allows you to flush out the negativity and focus on the tasks ahead. With increased self awareness comes self confidence.

Physical Fitness- It is a well known fact that exercise helps you feel better. Through the regular practice of yoga, you incorporate a number of postures that stretch and lengthen your muscles. These exercises work every muscle in your body, giving them flexibility and a well toned look. In addition, the breathing techniques you include in your yoga routine ensure your muscles get an adequate supply of oxygen. This helps give them strength and definition. Yoga will also help you flush out the toxins from your body and relieve you of any physical tension. At the end of the day you feel energetic and look toned, which in turn boosts your confidence.

Body Alignment- How many times has your mother told you to "stop slouching" or to "stand up right?" Well, there is a reason for it. When we slouch, our organs get squashed together. This diminishes their capacity to function effectively and as a result hampers your productivity and confidence. Yoga puts a lot of emphasis on maintaining body alignment. Regular yoga practice ensures that you are able to improve and maintain this alignment. Yoga corrects poor postures and in turn helps you feel energized and as a result, confident.

Mental Strength- Stress is amongst the most prominent causes of mental fatigue. It consumes energy, breeds negativity and depression. Yoga believes that a healthy mind is essential for a healthy life. Regular yoga helps to clear the mind of negativity and clutter. Through breathing techniques and meditation, yoga teaches your body to breathe fully. This increases the supply of oxygen to the body which in turn helps reduce stress, increase energy flow and ensure mental clarity. Through yoga you learn how to control your mind even in panic situations. This gives you the confidence to face any and every situation, head on.

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