Running : A Natural way to Overcome Anxiety

By Patricia | August 13, 2010
Running And Anxiety

In today’s day and age with added pressure of performance and stress in both the professional and personal spheres of life, many people are known to suffer from feelings of depression and anxiety. Anxiety is basically observed as a feeling of constant fear or insecurity experienced by an individual that may be constant or intermittent. In some extreme cases the individual may also suffer from anxiety or panic attacks which are observed in the form of increase in the heart beat rate, trembling, chill or breaking out into a sweat, feeling of nausea and so on. One of the natural ways to relieve stress and anxiety is exercising especially running or jogging. Running and anxiety make a good combination as running tends to foster an inner stillness in the individual thereby alleviating them from the feelings of anxiety or depression. Moreover an individual who is very anxious may find it difficult to stay still and sit and meditate. However, when the body is put into motion in the form of jogging or running then it is possible to go into a rapturous meditative state. Those who are practicing a meditative run find peace and overcome their feelings of anxiety by simply placing one foot in front of the other as a form of active meditation. While running to get over anxiety one should concentrate on one’s surroundings. It is also essential to avoid a buddy as far as possible while running when anxious so that one may enjoy ones run peacefully and feel calm at the end of it. The individual should also wear comfortable and breathable clothes that do not interfere or impair the body’s movements. Running and anxiety tend to work well as it is commonly known that any form of exercise tends to lift ones mood and is hence highly effective in dealing with anxiety disorders. Nowadays there are plenty of running groups specially set up to deal with those who suffer from social and emotional issues such as stress, depression and anxiety. Moreover running or exercising on a regular basis also helps in improving ones quality of sleep which in turn makes the individual feel more relaxed and calm. Moreover in the running groups the individual will be running alongside other individuals who share their experiences and help one overcome their feelings of anxiety. However running in case of anxiety is one of the strategies to deal with the stress of daily lives but it cannot completely replace professional treatment in the form of medication or therapy.

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