Reasons For Pain In Hamstrings Due To Bikram Yoga

By Patricia | January 6, 2009
Bikram Yoga Precautions

Tremendous Pain In Hamstrings Since Started Bikram Yoga?

Well, yoga of any kind is supposed to heal painful joints and stretch muscles. But if you’ve developed pain in your hamstrings, then you need check your postures and see if you’re doing Bikram yoga in the correct fashion. How you perform every posture is very important. It’s also very important to concentrate on every move and on your breathing, while doing yoga. Also, if you have performed some postures in an aggressive manner, then it is likely to have got hurt. Overusing your strength or improper alignment can cause pain in your muscles or can cause injury. Muscle imbalance is another reason for injuring your hamstrings. You also need to maintain your body balance while doing yoga.

Inhaling and exhaling in a correct way is also very important. When you inhale and exhale effectively, you breathe in more oxygen which will rejuvenate your muscles and make your body more supple. But if you do not breathe properly, then due to the lack of enough oxygen, your muscles may spasm or you may suffer from muscle pain. Also, you need to know when you need to stop or which poses you shouldn’t attempt. Pushing yourself to do a Yoga pose that you are not comfortable with, will only lead to more problems.

Also, you need to see if you are enjoying Bikram yoga. Bikram yoga is also known as Hot Yoga, since it is done under very high temperatures and with high humidity in the room. You need to keep drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated through the session. Each session of Bikram yoga is for 90 minutes and you are taken through a sequence of 26 postures. Each posture involves a lot of bending and stretching. Due to the high temperatures, several students feel they can push their bodies and stretch more than they should. This often causes muscle pain. So the key is to do as much as your body allows you too. You could begin with the simpler postures before moving on to the complicated ones.

Since Bikram yoga is done under very high temperatures and it is a robust form of yoga, many new students feel dizzy in their initial sessions. Also, since the body isn’t used to the cleansing effect of Bikram yoga, the initial session may cause dizziness and headache. But over a period of time, when the body gets used to the heat and the vigorous exercises, one generally begins to enjoy Bikram yoga. That’s the reason, it is very important to take each step at a time, without pushing yourself. Because doing more than what you can handle can only cause problems.

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