Benefits of Jalandhara Bandha Pose

By Patricia | January 6, 2009
Jalandhara Bandha Pose Benefits

Jalandhara Bandha is a yoga exercise where the throat is contracted and the chin firmly placed on the chest. Due to this movement, the vocal organs are influenced. Let’s understand what Jalandhara Bandha is all about and how it affects the various parts of our body.

Jalandhara Bandha: This exercise is known to be the “destroyer of old age.” You can do this exercise in any yoga posture, though most people prefer to be in Padmasana or lotus posture to do this exercise. In this posture, the neck is bent a little to do the ‘bandh’. In this all the muscles of the neck and throat are contracted and a force is exerted on the seven paths of the throat. That is how the vocal organs are influenced.

Physical Effects Of Jalandhara Bandha

In this bandh, the spine is lifted a little bit because of the force exerted while doing this pose. And because of this, the blood circulation increases in the spine, thus, benefiting the entire body.

This bandha also has an affect on the ‘Vidyan Nadi’, which is in the neck. It happens to be the only blood vessel that passes below the neck. This blood vessel has two parts and these are known as Carotid Arteries, which pass through the neck to the brain. The Carotid Sinus and Carotid Nerve is also located here and while doing Jalandhara Bandha, pressure is exerted on the nerve. This has a positive affect on a person’s health. The bloody supply to the brain is reduced and the body and mind become totally calm.

The pressure on the Carotid Sinus also helps in lowering blood pressure and this posture, when done by hypertension patients, can help them tackle their health problems.

Jalandhara Bandha is often done with Pranayama after Poorka. Kumbhaka is also done after Poorka. During Kumbhaka, there is an increase of pressure on the inhaled air and thus, the air tries to find an outlet. And since the nostrils are closed, the air tries to go out from behind the ear drums. This adds pressure on the ear drums is not good. So, if Jalandhara Bandha is done, the pressed neck position stops the air from entering here and this is good for the ear drums.


Jalandhara Bandha takes a lot of practice and it is advisable to do it under the guidance of a yoga expert. Also, if you suffer from low blood pressure or respiratory problems, then you shouldn’t do this posture.

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