Toothache Pain: Causes, Treatment And Remedies

By Patricia | September 25, 2009

Toothache Pain Causes- Wisdom Teeth

A toothache may be caused by factors such as dental decay or cavities. It is characterized by a sensation of pain around the teeth and extends to the jaws as well. Growth of wisdom teeth, diseases of the gum, jaw disease, injuries to the teeth and infections of the tooth pulp may also be the causes of a toothache. Sometimes the toothache may actually be referred pain which is originating from conditions such as heart disease. After the extraction of a tooth, a condition known as dry socket is caused, which is also known to cause a great deal of pain in the tooth.

A toothache is usually aggravated while chewing or when the tooth is exposed to heat or cold. Pulpitis is a condition in which irritation occurs in the pulp of the tooth. The pulp refers to the portion in the centre of the tooth and is a very sensitive area. If the pulpitis is irreversible, a tooth extraction or root canal will be required. Another condition that causes toothache is cracked tooth syndrome, in which a crack or fracture may occur in the tooth. This can take place due to injury caused while biting or chewing hard objects such as hard nuts.

Remedies and Treatment

If you are suffering from a toothache, then an excellent natural treatment would be to use an ice compress on the affected area. You can also directly rub a piece of ice on the affected tooth. Ice helps to numb the nerve endings in the pulp of the tooth, thereby reducing the pain. Rubbing an ice cube on the area between the thumb and forefinger for a few minutes is also believed to bring relief. It has a numbing effect on the nerve pathways that extend to the teeth. Gargling with a saline solution will also help to relieve a toothache. Salt helps to disinfect the area and extract the fluid that may be causing swelling and tenderness. You can also make an effective mouthwash with tea tree oil and water. The tea tree oil is helpful in penetrating the gums and de-sensitizing the nerves. Another beneficial home remedy is to make a paste of honey and cinnamon, and apply the paste directly on the affected tooth. You can apply the paste a couple of time daily until the pain disappears. In order to treat the pain and tenderness, you can dab a bit of black seed oil on to the aching tooth. Rinsing your mouth with a solution of black seed oil and water will also help.

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