Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

By Patricia | March 11, 2010

Stretch Marks Diet

Stretch marks occur when there is a frequent fluctuation in weight or when there has been a rapid change is height or size. Almost everyone may develop stretch marks, but depending upon your complexion and weight, stretch marks may look more or less prominent. Preventing stretch marks are as important as treating them, therefore it is crucial that you follow certain dietary regulations and regular exercise to monitor your weight loss/gain. There are several ways to care for stretch marks at home, mainly, the inclusion of vitamin K rich food in your diet. Dairy products, tomatoes, green and leafy vegetables, and liver are excellent sources of Vitamin K. Maintaining a healthy diet will ensure that your weight remains stable, thereby preventing further chances of stretch marks. Another way of maintaining a stable weight is to exercise regularly. Regular exercise will ensure that your muscles are toned.
Thus making sure that you avoid getting stretch marks when your weight fluctuates.


Another way to treat stretch marks at home is with the use of home made bleaches. Apply the juice of a lemon on your arms everyday to help reduce stretch marks. Lavender oil is a good natural bleach and applying it three times a day on your arms will help fade the stretch marks. Aloe vera is another excellent natural bleach and moisturizer. Apply aloe vera on your arms to help reduce stretch marks. Use a moisturizing lotion that is Vitamin E based to help reduce the stretch marks. You can also try to gently exfoliate the skin around the region to lighten the stretch marks. This can be done using an apricot or walnut scrub, gently with a loofah, at least once everyday for a week.

Home Remedies

Make a mixture using avocado, jojoba, almond, chamomile, and lavender oil. Apply this on the stretch marks every day for a week. This will help fade the marks and moisturize the skin. Massage your skin with olive oil to help reduce stretch marks. Alternatively, elastin cream or cocoa butter also helps reduce stretch marks. Cocoa butter is an excellent remedy for treating stretch marks. Prepare a home made cream with cocoa butter(half a cup), two teaspoons of grated beeswax, two teaspoons of Vitamin E oil, one tablespoon of wheat germ oil, and one teaspoon of apricot kernel oil. Apply this cream on the affected area daily to help the stretch marks gradually fade. Shea butter is also effective in treating stretch marks. Shea butter contains essential Vitamins like A and E that help moisturize skin and reduce blemishes.

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