How To Treat Sore Hamstring With Exercise?

By Patricia | February 10, 2010

Hamstring is the muscle that is primarily responsible for pulling back the leg and bending the knee as a result of which it is susceptible to injury while jumping, running or kicking. It is also the longest muscle in the body. A sore hamstring is a common injury among athletes and may also be caused during exercise or while performing yoga if the person over stresses.

Exercises For Sore Hamstring

Make sure you give your leg a good amount of rest in case of a sore hamstring. If you do not do that it may result in re injury. Apply an ice pack by wrapping it in a towel and placing it on the affected area. This not only reduces the pain but also any swelling that is there. Keep it on for 20 minutes and keep repeating it till you feel better. After that, try to stretch your leg as slowly as possible. It is recommended that you keep your legs elevated too. There are a few strengthening exercises like tightening and contracting the buttock muscles above the hamstring pull. In this way the pressure on the hamstring muscle is released and gives it rest. Once the injury has significantly healed, you can try to roll on a hard tennis ball or a kid sized soccer ball and move it on the affected area. Cycling is also a good way to treat a sore hamstring. The body must be in a position where the legs are right under the body than in front of it. You need to have a proper height so that your legs are in a comfortable position. When the pedal is at the lowest point, your leg should be at an 80 degree angle. The pedaling motion is the most important factor and the traditional way of cycling which is the “push” way is the best.

The primary cause for a sore hamstring is a result of poor warm up. Hence, it is essential that you have proper warm up and stretching exercises before you actually begin your activity. Medications and lotions do help but should be used under a doctor’s prescription. Application of certain lotions along with a light massage on the affected area helps to soothe the pain. Please make a note that if at any point you feel you are not very confident about how to massage or do the mentioned exercises it is strongly recommended that you seek professional help. If the pain is too severe, medical advice is mandatory.

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