Get Rid Of Itchy Scalp And Dandruff

By Patricia | August 20, 2009

An itchy scalp is usually the indication of a skin irritant on the scalp and this can be because of any number of reasons. But the fact that you mentioned dandruff as part of the problem indicates that you have a scalp fungus, which is causing the problem. Usually, a good shampoo that has anti-dandruff properties is enough to tackle this problem but just to be absolutely sure that all scalp fungus is eliminated, you should also use topical antifungal oil.


Dandruff is a problem of the scalp that is typified by excessive flaking of dead skin from the scalp. Dead skin flaking off the skin is a very normal process of the skin’s growth and you usually end up with a new layer of skin every month. This process is accelerated when you have dandruff to every one or two weeks, depending on the extent of the problem. The sudden increase in the flaking of dead skin is caused by the skins response to a fungus in the hair that irritates the skin into shedding faster. Normally, the skin that is shed at a normal rate is mixed with sebum from the scalp and falls off with regular bathing but when you have dandruff, there is an additional aspect of reduced sebum. This is not because of reduced production but again because of the fungus. The scalp fungus feeds off the skin sebum and this leaves very little sebum for the hair and scalp, for its normal function.

Dealing with dandruff can be accomplished by implementing the simple process of using an antidandruff shampoo. The best antidandruff shampoos contain zinc pyrithione or selenium sulfide, both of which are cytotoxic to fungal cells. This can be supplemented with a tea tree oil massage of the scalp to ensure that the hair is covered with this oil. This should be done before a shampoo session. Tea tree oil should never be left on the scalp for too long. At the end of this treatment, your hair will be free dandruff free. Additionally, to ensure that your hair is nourished well, after you have cured yourself of dandruff, you should also apply almond oil to your hair for a more lustrous and healthy hair. You can also consider the use of vitamin E, A, and C that help increase the health of skin and hair. These can be taken orally as supplements or with the increased intake of leafy green vegetables and fruits.

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