Remove Lip Scar with Home Remedies

By Patricia | March 5, 2010

There is black mark at the lips of my 20 months old daughter, this mark caused by teeth when she fell down, how to fade out this mark?

Children, especially the ones who are very active, are forever falling and hurting themselves. This is a natural process of learning for them, through trial and error. Therefore, chances are that this will definitely not be the last time your daughter will hurt herself and have scars to show for it. Please remember, children have amazing resilience and since they are still in the process of growing their ability to totally recover from any injury is extremely high. Since your daughter already has a black mark on her lip, it would be correct to assume that the cut on her lip has healed completely, leaving behind just a scar. Since your daughter is only 20 months old, it is not advisable to use any of the creams and lotions that are used by adults to treat scars. You can, however, consult your physician or a child specialist to find out if there are any lotions or creams that can be applied safely on a child, especially on her lip. The minute you apply anything on your daughter’s lip, the very first thing that she will do is lick it up. So, you will have to be very careful about what you use to get rid of the scar.

Home Remedies

Aloe vera gel or even aloe vera juice is one natural ingredient that can safely be applied on or taken in by children. Aloe vera gel contains natural bleaching properties that will help get rid of the scar over a period of time. Cucumber too works in the same manner. Extract juice from a small piece of cucumber and apply it on her scar. You can also take a small piece of cucumber and try and rub it on her lips, but chances are that she will want to eat it instead. Honey and lemon juice are other natural ingredients that have natural bleaching properties. If your daughter has a sweet tooth and enjoys eating anything that is sweet, then your best bet is to apply honey on her scar. Honey will help the scar to fade away over a period of time. Likewise, if your daughter is not averse to eating anything sour, mix a few drops of lemon juice with honey and then apply this mixture on her scar. To make sure that anything that you apply stays on her lips for at least some time, apply it when she goes to sleep – in the afternoon as well as night.

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