How To Get Rid of Split Lips & Cracked Corners

By Patricia | December 7, 2009


Split lips or cracked lip corners are very small blisters, cracks or scabs which develop at the corners of the mouth. They can be extremely painful even though the size gives no indication of how severe the discomfort can get.

Medically referred to as angular cheilitis, this lip ailment is commonly experienced by a large number of people. This condition is known to develop in any individual irrespective of age. However it is known to be more common in young children and elderly people. Unfortunately, the reasons behind the occurrence of cracked or split lips cannot be diagnosed easily or accurately. There are several common factors which can be responsible for the frequent occurrence of split or cracked lips. One of the most common causes for this condition is believed to be the excessive licking of the lips. Very often, people tend to lick their lips and this can cause the removal of any oils present on them. This lack of moisture results in a lack of elasticity and since your lips are often stretched when talking or eating, cracks can develop down the center.

Dry Skin Lips

There is a possibility that in some cases, nutritional deficiencies, specifically related to vitamin B 12 and iron could be responsible for bringing on this condition. This condition leaves the dry and cracked portions of skin vulnerable to infection which in turn can cause the condition of the lips to deteriorate rapidly.

Home Remedies And Treatment

There are, fortunately, quite a few simple angular cheilitis treatment alternatives that can be considered when trying to heal split lips. You can use several home remedies for split lips to get rid of this problem and prevent it from recurring. First of all it is important to get rid of all the excess skin that has collected on your lips. Do not try to peel these off as you can damage the healthy tissue below it. Instead, apply a very generous amount of petroleum jelly to your lips before you go to bed. The next morning, you will find that the skin on your lips has softened considerably. Grind a handful of rice lightly so that you have a coarse rough flour and then mix this flour with a little tomato juice and a few drops of almond oil so that you have a thick paste. Use this homemade lip scrub to get rid of all the excess skin on your lips and concentrate on the areas that have the most amount of excess skin. Do not attempt to scrub your lips quickly or with force, instead use gentle circular motions. After this, rinse your lips well with warm water. Apply a mixture of virgin coconut oil and olive oil to your lips. You can use this mixture as a lip balm every night to keep your lips soft and prevent splitting.

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