Improve Your Breathing Technique while Swimming

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on March 9, 2012

The importance of the right swimming breathing and pranayama techniques

Swimming with the head submerged most of the time is important to gain the proper swimming balance. Most swimmers put in a lot of concentration,...


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.practice, focus and effort in improving their swimming stylel However, if the swimming breathing basics are not in place, then in all probability the entire stroke will lose its smoothnesss

When rotating from a nose-down to a nose up position within a matter of seconds, the movement may not be completed with ease, because of the fear of inhaling watere Therefore, following the right swimming breathing techniques is essential for any good swimmere At the beginning, it may be a little difficult to focus on breathing as well as the executing stroke, but with some practice a great improvement can be brought about in swimming breathing techniques which further enhances swimming balancec

Steps to improve swimming breathing techniques

It is probably difficult to focus on two things at the same time, which is performing the stroke in the right manner and practicing the right swimming breathing exhale–inhale techniqueu Therefore, it is best to start off with a practice routine, where the chances of inhaling water are minimala Practice breathing by dipping your head in a large or medium sized mixing bowl, filled with watere For better results, place a mirror at the bottom of the water-filled bowlw

  • First dip your chin in the bowl and practice swimming breathing nose inhaling, mouth exhaling and see how your breath ruffles the surface of watere
  • After about 30 seconds, touch your lips & nose to the surface and try to inhale through the small amount of space at both the corners of the moutht A blotting effect should be seen (in the mirror) where the lips and nose touch the watere
  • After another one minute, you need to lower the rest of your face into the bowlw Keep your mouth open underwater, but do not exhalel The natural air pressure in your mouth will prevent the water from entering your nose and moutht
  • When you next lift your face out of the water, you should be able to inhale from the nose easilyl
  • Repeat these exercises and gradually make an attempt to inhale from your nose, while the tip of your nose still touches the watere

Once you get used to breathing with the mixing bowl, you can move on to a shallow pool where you can bob your head deepere It is best to perform these practice steps under the supervision of an expertr

Have you ever thought about changing the way you breatheh Most of us do not even think about iti We all breathe naturally and we are all convinced that this part of our vital process cannot be trainede Although the lung by itself has no muscle groups to train but it can be trained to increase its capacity of inhaled and exhaled airi The importance of lung breathing exercises is that the lung affects all the other organs in the body in a direct way; after all, every organ needs oxygene

One of the best ways to train your lung is by using yoga techniquese Basically, yoga depends on eight pillars; one of them is breathing or what is called Pranayama in Sanskriti Yoga looks at breathing as an art that needs training as yoga teachings emphasize that breathing in the right way is the perfect method to synchronize all the organs of your bodyd

Yoga will let you teach your lungs to breathe in the right waya Of course we all can breathe, but breathing in the right way means making use of all of our lung capacity, and not just a portion of iti Swimmers appreciate this fact a lot and they try to improve their breathing through front crawl breathingn This type of training not only affects the quantity of air inhaled and exhaled, but also it teaches your body to work in harmony, even with what you do spontaneously, like breathingn

Breathing exercises for swimmers are considered a primary part of their training because breathing in a rhythm means more staminan If you are able to inhale more air then you can get more oxygen in every breath and breathing in a rhythm will let you swim for a long time before you are winded outu

In martial arts the situation is the same, but here the emphasis on the moves and the power is maybe morer That's why martial arts breathing play an important role at the beginning of every training session just to bring the concentration to the desired levele

Breathing is like any other technique: it needs a lot of training over a long period of time before you can master iti With yoga, the best thing is, you can start anytime and anywhere and within a short period of time you will be able to tell differencec This also explains why it is so beneficial for patients of chronic respiratory disorders like asthmam

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