Natural Ways to Delay Your Period with Home Remedies

By Patricia | August 21, 2009

Are there any homemade remedies to postpone my periods for 1 or 2 days? As I am getting engaged on 24th of this month and my date is on 25th

Your menstrual cycle is an important and natural function of your body. Your own monthly cycle is completely dependant on your body and can be affected by your physical and emotional state. In addition, hormones play a major role in deciding when exactly you begin your menses. This is why many women have observed that any sudden mental stress or heavy physical exertion can affect their menstrual cycle. However, there is no way to predict whether such physical or emotional changes will result in early menstruation or a delay. As you can imagine, there is no easy, natural method that can effectively change this complex and natural bodily function.

Natural Way To Delay Periods

In many cultures, there are certain widely held beliefs regarding the relationship between diet and menstruation. However, there is no clear-cut scientific proof that any of these diets actually influence your periods. For examples, some women believe that eating ‘hot’ or spicy food can advance the onset of menstruation. Therefore, if you wish to postpone your periods, you will need to eat meals that avoid spices. This includes common ingredients such as ginger, garlic and peppers. You will also need to avoid foods that are believed to increase ‘heat’ in the body, such as papaya and sesame. If you try this diet, you will need to begin at least two weeks before your regular periods. In your case, that would be somewhere on the 28th of the previous month. If you do not have two weeks left, you can try another diet that begins seven days before your menstrual date. However, this is based on gram lentils that may not be easily available to you. If you do manage to find any, you need to fry the gram lentils in some edible oil and then use a blender to get a powder. Use this powder as the base for a soup and have it every morning on an empty stomach, with a glass of warm water. If you do try any of these diet-based remedies, please note that your menstruation will be erratic for the next two or three cycles.

However, before you try any home remedies to try to delay your menses, you should consider that the menstrual cycle is part of your body’s natural rhythm. It may not be a good idea to meddle with it too often. Please do approach your gynecologist for further advice on your options. Depending on your exact condition, the gynecologist should be able to prescribe certain hormone-altering drugs that can help you delay your periods by a few days.

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