How To Heal A Bruise Naturally?

By Patricia | December 8, 2009

Bruises can be quite prominent and while some people find that they want to proudly show off their bruises, others can’t make them disappear fast enough. Bruising, which is a result of damage to blood vessels, is rather common and one should bear in mind that bruising can occur in many ways. Another thing to understand about bruises is that for some individuals bruising can be more pronounced and can occur a lot more easily than others. This is typically true of fairer individuals where bruises are more noticeable. The following steps of bruise home treatment can help you deal with that bruise better, which should ensure that the bruise goes away faster.

Natural Treatment

The first step when you bruise yourself, just like you would do if you happened to sprain yourself, would we to keep that bruise in such a manner that it stays elevated. It is understandable that keeping the bruise constantly elevated might not always be convenient. However, this along with not moving the area can really help matters. Immediately and for the first 24 hours, your bruise will benefit from a cold compress. An ice pack will really help get that bruise back to normal a lot faster. Since after the first day, the ice pack will not be effective, you can then move on to a heating pad for the subsequent two days. Home remedies for bruising include gentle massages and witch hazel application. Remember that the faster you attend to your bruises, the better it is when it comes to these eventually fading away. At the end of the day, depending on the nature of the bruise, it can take time for these to heal completely and stop being so visible. In the meantime, to conceal that bruise, there are a number of things you can do. One could attempt to hide those bruises under various articles of clothing such as scarves. However, depending on the location of the bruise and other factors such as the weather, this might not always be feasible. In such cases, makeup on the bruise can really help conceal or at least lighten it. You should experiment at home to ensure that the bruise does not look overly prominent because of layers of makeup that do not really match your skin tone. Another thing about bruising is that, if it seems that you frequently get bruises without much cause, it would be best to ask your doctor about possible underlying causes of such bruising.

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