Yoga Practices At Home with the Help From a Yoga Instructor

By Patricia | March 6, 2009
Practice Yoga At Home

Is it necessary or important to create your own personal practice, and what do you mean by this?

Personal practice is definitely extremely important and most Yoga instructors would be in agreement on this. Most instructors encourage their students to create their own yoga practice at home if they have become proficient enough with the knowledge imparted to them. Following a personal practice routine is very significant because it marks a shift or move away from yoga as a form of exercise, to adopting it as a lifestyle. Once you have accomplished this, yoga classes can be more of a place to socialize, reenergize, and most importantly to get guidance and tips from the teacher.

Adopting or creating your own personalized yoga routine also shows a great deal of commitment and determination to make yoga the driving force in your lifestyle. Following a personal yoga practice is also a sign that you are mature enough and comfortable enough to attempt to formulate a practice plan and execute it, without the support and comfort of a group or instructor. Yoga as a discipline it self is meant to be very personal and the goals of awakening your higher consciousness and finding your inner self are best achieved through a personal yoga practice, and not just the performance of a few poses to stay fit. Meditation, which is an integral part of yoga, is again best practiced when alone. In fact a peaceful environment and solitude are more conducive to meditation than an energized group.

Creating a personal practice is also important because you can plan it to fit your needs perfectly. Include poses that you like performing and are comfortable with, and make sure that the poses include forward, backward and a twisting motion of the spine, as well as shoulder and hip movements. You can always consult with your instructor to determine whether your plan is appropriate and also for advice when planning it. If you have enough time, plan a practice session lasting for at least an hour. If generally tight on time, you can limit it to fifteen minutes.

It would also be wise to keep in mind that if you are not yet comfortable enough or confident, then stick to your yoga classes and training. A personal yoga practice plan is ideal for those proficient with yoga, but it can also help beginners. However, if a beginner, you need to get trained through yoga classes and create your own yoga practice session, only when confident enough, and only with those asanas or poses and pranayams or breath control techniques that you are now proficient with. Practicing alone at home, unsupervised, and unguided, when you lack the confidence and the skill can be dangerous.

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