Yoga: Combination Of Both Art And Science

By Patricia | February 2, 2009
Yoga - Science Or Art

Is Yoga A Science Or Art

This question and debate has gone on for years, with enthusiasts in each camp. But then there are those who argue, very lucidly and with solid reasons, that yoga is a wonderful combination of both science and art. There are some technical aspects which are based in science, while certain expressions go hand in hand with the concept of art.

Many liken yoga and meditation to the practice of music by any eminent musician. He studies the theory of music and the work of previous musicians – this is the art of music. But at the same time, he also practices music and tunes himself to the vibrations and sounds produced by his instrument – this is the science of music. Only when he integrates the theory and the practice, the art and the science, does he enjoy the total joys of music.

Yoga and meditation are similar. They are a supreme blend of art and science, because the practitioner must first learn the theory which is the art and then put it into practice in a scientific way. While there are a number of grey areas, science today recognizes the role of yoga in medicine despite the fact that there is still a lot to be understood.

Art Of Yoga:
Yoga and meditation can be termed as an art because of the following reasons.

  • Yoga is concerned with the Body, the Senses, Breath and Mind.
  • When doing yoga postures, there is an artistic element and increased consciousness as the body glides into the many beautiful postures. This is art.
  • The senses discover a heightened awareness of the sights, smells, sights and touch around them. This sensual awakening definitely brings it into the category of art.
  • We now come to the breathing practices. This also is an art, because the practitioner spends long minutes, calming his senses and progressing from short, jerky breaths to long smooth ones, which calm his mind.
  • This brings us to the mind. Once the conscious mind becomes quiet and calm, the person doing meditation becomes aware of his deeper, inner being and begins an exploration of his emotions and thoughts. This journey is an art.

Science Of Yoga: Yoga can also be termed a science because each of its precise poses have been specifically designed and tested for perfect results by the ancient sages over a period of thousands of years. Each posture (Asanas), hand gesture (Mudras), breath (Pranayama) and chant (Mantras) activates a special part of the body in order to produce an exact precise effect. Thus, it is a scientific journey to our inner consciousness which enhances our senses of being. Yoga is also about precision – something that we generally associate with science.

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