Practice Yoga to keep Yourself Fit

By Patricia | April 29, 2009
Yoga For Fitness

Yoga fitness tips for everyone

Practicing Yoga to improve your health and physique is a great idea so long as you keep up with the practices. The kind of benefits Yoga offers include strengthening the body, calming the mind and spirit. Here are a few tips of what you should do to reap the maximum advantages from your Yoga fitness routine.

To improve overall flexibility

By practicing Yoga regularly, you will improve your physique without any workout injuries to your bones and muscles. Yoga is known to greatly enhance flexibility by almost 35% within a period of three months of regular practice. But for these results you will have to be consistent in your practices, wear the appropriate gear, use the right Yoga mat and props as and when recommended, such as a Yoga Block, Yoga Belt or Strap, Bolster or Cushion. The use of these props further helps relax your muscles and helps avert injuries, strains and muscle pains.

To boost your energy levels

Yoga practices help increase the oxygen levels in your blood and keep you active. This is one of the main benefits of yoga. Yoga practises also normalize sluggish endocrine glands and help keep them healthy. But in order to achieve this please ensure that you are practicing in a well ventilated room. We strongly advise against practicing in a closed room.

To strengthen your body

All the Yoga exercises and poses you practice help you develop a healthier body and build up more strength. Yoga is very, very helpful in toning up your body muscles as well as the internal organs. But, for this, you will also have to adhere to a Yogic diet, one that is predominantly vegetarian, pure light and rich in fruits and salads.

To increase your breathing capacity

Pranayamas (breathing exercises) are an integral part of Yoga. This part of your Yoga regimen will help expand your chest walls, give you greater lung capacity and that in itself will solve all your respiratory problems. But for this purpose it is a vital that you don't smoke or indulge in any form of intoxication. Also, beverages such as tea and coffee, tend to take away many of the health benefits of Yoga.

To improve coordination and mental concentration

Yoga will keep you both physically and mentally healthy; particularly if you practice regular breathing exercises and meditation. Deep, long breathing is the best way to uplift your mood, improve your coordination and concentration and keep all stress and tension at bay. But, for this you will have to maintain the consistency of your Yoga practices.

For overall good health and high immunity

Practicing Yoga regularly will definitely keep you healthy, fit and resistant against all forms of chronic diseases. Then again, to reap these benefits, you will have to resist the urge to resort to allopathy for every little cough, cold or minor indisposition. These medicines only weaken your body and increase your dependence on them.

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