Yoga for Cystitis

By Patricia | May 8, 2007
Yoga For Cystitis

First of all, dont worry; Cystitis is just an inflammation of the bladder, most common form of urinary tract infection. At times it involves the tube that drains urine from the bladder. Cystitis occurs mainly in women, though sometimes men and children can also be subjected to.

Elderly people are also at risk for cystitis, with almost 1/3rd experiencing the condition. Most bouts of cystitis are the result of some bacterial infection or other. Even although the urinary tract is usually sterile, at times germs may come into the body through the urethra. They then thrive grow and multiply inside the bladder. As a result of this bacterial growth the inside walls of the bladder get inflamed. The resulting swelling and irritation lead to the common symptoms of cystitis.

Like I said, dont worry;

  • It is not a cause of cancer
  • Cystitis doesnt lead to more serious kidney disease in otherwise healthy individuals
  • Sometimes, no cause is found for a bladder inflammation.

Yoga helps you to learn how to relax tense muscles, both pelvic floor and other muscles. Feelings of stress that frequently go with chronic disorders can be reduced very much by regular Yoga practice. You can strengthen and tone your muscles without sweating, bouncing, or running.



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