Recommended Yoga Poses For Anemic Person

By Patricia | March 22, 2007
Yoga For Anemia

Do you go about life feeling weak, dizzy and quickly exhausted? Do you carry a pale looking skin? Do you wander around with a haggard look, lined with premature wrinkles? Are your eyes stripped off lustre, mirroring frailty and fatigue? Do you suffer from failing memory, shortness of breath and palpitation on the least exertion? Do you have occasional disturbing headaches and slow healing of wounds? If your answer to half the above are true, then you're definitely anemic.

You're never well but never ill enough to go to bed, tired today and better tomorrow an up down condition you are the one who plods on day after day and may one day suddenly collapse. Don't worry, so was I. A lot of my folks gave me up for good. Well, at least, socially speaking. I was a kind of freak, thin, no skinny, pale, droopy, haggard and what not else.

But look at me now. Yoga for anemia was a package that really helped. But anemia also helped. How, you may ask. Well it taught me who my real pals were. Those who didnt give up on me. They led me to a Yoga studio, where I learned the elements of Yoga and how to go about overcoming my condition. Or rather, de-conditioning.

It's all so simple, really. Asanas, breathing exercises, lots and lotsa relaxations, a little meditation and the right kinda diet. Thought its about time I brought my secrets outta the closet and shared it with all and sundry. Especially after I read that about 45% of the world's population is anemic. Believe it? Well, you'd better. And if you are, here are some tips that may help you. They definitely helped me.


Breathing exercises

Meditation: Anything you feel comfortable with. But anything to get your mind off your condition.

By the way, heres a diet you might want to follow. Like I said, it helped me lotsa.

Having plenty of iron in your diet, is the best way to overcome anemia. Lotsa foods have iron but many are not well absorbed as mush as spinach, for instance. However, iron is most found in red meats like beef and lamb. Smaller amounts are found in pork, chicken and fish. As a rule, the redder the meat, the higher the iron content. Just adding meat to your meal will increase the required quantity of iron.

Also Mackerel, sardines and other oily fish also contain iron. And, even though they're higher in fat and calories than white fish, they're packed with healthy omega-3 fats. This is an ideal choice for slimmers and healthy eaters. In fact, I recommend that everyone should eat at least one portion a week.

Other good sources include bread, green leafy vegetables, peas, lentils, dried fruit and breakfast cereals. All these are low in fat and can easily be incorporated into a weight loss plan, making them good choices if you're slimming. Coffee, tea and milk prevent absorption of iron. So avoid these drinks as far as possible.

Take it easy. It'll work. Just keep at it.

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