Yoga for Anorexia

By Patricia | March 23, 2007
Yoga For Anorexia

Anorexia, or self-starvation, believe me, is a disease and, if left untreated, can be fatal. If you recognize and accept its symptoms it can be the first step toward saving yourself or someone you love from this dangerous disease. Not very long ago, eating disorders, like bulimia and anorexia, were thought to be just the result of mental conditions.

However, over time I've come to realize that some physical factors have also been attributed to them. I now believe that eating disorders can be triggered by any number of factors, in combination, including those of a psychological, behavioral, social, or biological nature.

Oftentimes, I've noticed how depression and low self esteem are problems associated with people with eating disorders, and Yoga can help with both. Moreover, as a mild restorer of physical vigor and a corrective therapeutic measure internally from abuse arising from eating disorders, some yogasanas, breathing and relaxation techniques are extremely effective.

Yoga, has been commended for almost everything, however, very few people know that it works even for eating disorders. Specific yoga asanas and breathing exercises can be used effectively for restoring better digestive and mental health. These are perhaps the two types that call for most attention with regards to eating disorders.

The asanas include the sun salutation sequence, the shoulder stand (this, friends, is a reputed panacea or cure-all for most, if not all, ailments), the bow pose, the head to knee pose, the spinal twist, the peacock pose, the triangle pose, the corpse pose.

Now those are just asanas, friends. If you want to get more advanced, Yoga still has the breathing exercises. These consist of kapalabhatti, anuloma-viloma, ujjayi and brahmari. Above all, I recommend lots and lots of shavasana and other relaxing poses throughout the day, sitting or reclining.

I have seen time and time again, down the years, how the regular practice of Yoga reduces depression and restores a state of balance and well being in people. Also, there are different Yoga practices that encourage better levels of self esteem and promote a positive view of your own body. Regular practice increases overall fitness levels and improves the immune system, giving it a good chance of fighting illnesses.

Furthermore, Yogic Diet known as the Sattvic Diet consisting of mucus-free and mucus-poor fruits, leafs and other vegetables is probably the most preventive and curative of any disease, which may be associated with anorexia or bulimia, be they physical or mental. Know that it is for all and the framework of one's upbringing, Yoga can be included for everyday life. For eating disorders, it sure can stand the test of time.

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