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(June 15, 2011)

Shedding those extra pounds is very high on the wish list for many individuals. Weight loss is aimed at, either to improve physical appearance or it can be for therapeutic reasons. If an individual wants to reduce weight to get to his ideal weight, it is a positive thing. An ideal weight is important for our general well-being. However in case of individuals who are underweight and want to lose weight by eating less, it is not a healthy sign as such individuals may develop eating disorders. These individuals would suffer from conditions such as anorexia and subsequently may suffer from different health complications. The same applies to obese individuals, that is, they will suffer from health problems if they do not lose weight. Extremes have to be avoided. Being too thin or too fat is not healthy. However, if one is slightly overweight or slightly underweight there is no reason to panic.

To reduce weight, tips can be easily found. The main and most important tip is to reduce the calorie intake. Basically, the body must spend more energy than it consumes. When this happens, weight loss is possible. It is important to follow safe weight loss tips as many tips will only end up doing more harm than good. Following the right diet and the right kind of exercise suited for you is the way to go. Quick weight loss tips also exist. This will undoubtedly help you get that svelte body you always wanted, but may not necessarily be good if you are following a fad diet. Tips to reduce weight that are effective are those tips that will help you maintain the weight loss over a period of time. It is pointless following a yo-yo diet or a yo-yo exercise plan. Fast weight loss tips will help you get rid of that extra bulk fast, but it make you gain that extra weight faster as soon as you “cheat” by going for those extra calories.
Weight loss tips that insist on having good calories by eating a well balanced diet, that encourage regular exercise either must be followed. To reduce weight, a diet needs to be followed and what is important is sticking to this diet. You can either formulate your own reduce weight diet plan or can get one from a recommended dietician. Your diet must have “good calories” from good carbohydrates, good fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber and proteins. For losing weight, tips are not to eat less. You must never feel tired or weak. Instead of eating three heavy meals, opt for smaller but more frequent meals. Eating small portions is important. Stuffing yourself till you feel full is not of any use; it will not help in digestion. It is also possible to reduce weight by drinking water. Drinking adequate water will help in digestion, will help you cut down munching in between meals and will also increase metabolism. Drinking around 1 to 2 liters of water is extremely beneficial. These are tips to reduce weight by natural ways.

Along with the right kind of diet, drinking of plenty it is important to incorporate exercise in one’s lifestyle. Reducing weight by exercise is important for maintaining the weight loss over long periods. When you lose weight by having the right kind of diet, exercise will help you tone up the body and will increase muscle mass. A higher percentage of lean muscle mass will increase your body’s metabolism rate and will help you burn additional calories. Reducing weight by running, walking, aerobics and even skipping can be tried out. For any kind of exercise, it is important to have the right kind of exercise gear. If you have health complications get advice from your doctor before choosing a workout schedule. It is important to start gradually and then slowly increase your speed and the time of the workout.

Some fitness experts also recommend reducing weight by yoga. Yoga may come across as just a set of stretches to the uninitiated, but if followed regularly, can help you lose weight. In order to lose weight with yoga, it is important to follow a yoga session which last for at least 90 minutes. Holding yoga asanas or poses for long also helps burning calories. Ashtanga yoga and Iyengar yoga is popular among those who want to lose weight. A more modernized form of yoga, power yoga is also fast catching on in fitness clubs. Power yoga gives you a cardiovascular workout as well. Yoga can be combined with a sport of other forms of exercise. Apart from helping you achieve your dream weight, yoga also keeps you healthy. Yoga poses stimulate different organs of the body, improve blood circulation and helps you get the right kind of posture. For example, reducing weight and slouching go hand in hand. Maintaining a straight back, a head held high, erect shoulders and a tummy tucked in all go a long way in helping you get the “look” that you want. It is also possible to reduce weight with ayurveda, an ancient Indian medicinal practice. Following an ayurvedic diet prescribed by a qualified ayurvedic practitioner may do the trick.

Very often people believe that it is possible to do spot reduction of weight, for instance simple reducing weight around the waist or reducing weight around the arms. Spot reduction of weight is almost next to impossible. If you want to lose weight, it has to be a holistic process. Your entire body needs to work towards this goal. Every part of your body needs exercise and ignoring one body part and favoring another is not the right way to lose weight. For women, reducing weight after pregnancy may be quite an ordeal. However, with a bit of perseverance, it is possible for a mom to get back into her pre-maternity clothes. Breastfeeding, exercising, eating right are simple yet important tips to reduce weight after delivery. Finally, for those who complain about not finding time to exercise, it is possible to reduce weight at home. A quick 20-minute workout in the morning and evening will help you get fitter.

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