Does Yoga Give Better Results Before Or After Doing Cardio

By Patricia | December 23, 2008
Yoga And Cardio Workouts

Cardio Before Yoga:

If you want to do a session of cardio and sweat it out before going onto yoga to calm and relax your body as well as cool down, then that’s perfectly fine. The cardio will actually work as a warm up and yoga will relax the worked muscles. So by the time you finish your cardio as well as yoga workout, you will be in a total state of relaxation. If you’re doing cardio before yoga, then we recommend that you do a light stretching sequence to warm up and stretch your muscles before getting into a full fledged cardio work out. After doing cardio for 30-60 minutes, your blood circulation will increase and your muscles will be fairly warmed up. This will also increase your flexibility and you can embark on your yoga session with greater movement and suppleness. Yoga will help you cool down and relax after your cardio session. Doing cardio before yoga works for some because the adrenaline rush that they feel after cardio keeps them fresh while doing yoga and the stretching exercises in yoga feel good after an intensive cardio session. Some also feel lazy and groggy after yoga, so they’d rather do cardio before. Several people prefer to do yoga after an intensive workout or cardio session as it helps them relax after the session rather than before the session. So after yoga, they can take a short nap as they feel slightly sleepy.

Cardio After Yoga:

On the other hand, there are those who like to do yoga before their cardio session. Yoga, which starts with a warming up sequence and moves on to asanas and then again a cooling down session, stretches, strengthens and tones up the muscles. The exercise and added oxygen that one inhales after doing pranayama and asanas, helps to prepare the body for the cardio workout. Yoga also warms up the body, making the muscles more flexible and the joints well lubricated. Thus, reducing the chances of muscle soreness or injury after the cardio workout. People also like to do yoga before cardio, because when they begin yoga, they are fresh rather than all sweaty and tired after the cardio session. If you choose to do yoga before cardio, remember to warm up completely before getting into any complicated yoga poses.

Last but not the least, it’s entirely up to you, whether you want to do yoga before or after cardio. Speak to your fitness instructor for added guidance and work out an exercise plan that suits your body.

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