Prevent Hair Fall and Support a Supple Hair Growth with Sirsasana (Headstand Yoga Pose)

By Patricia | January 8, 2009
Sirshasana To Prevent Hair Fall

To answer this question let us first understand the Sirshasana (headstand pose). Often referred to as the king of all poses in Yoga, Sirshasana (headstand pose) is one of the toughest and most advanced forms of exercise. It requires professional Yoga practice and should not be attempted by beginners or intermediates.

The position requires that you completely invert your body, with the head resting on the ground, with the support of the arms, while your feet are firmly placed in the air. Since this is a very complex and difficult pose to practice, let us first understand this position step by step.

Firstly take a mat and place it on a flat surface and kneel down. Then join the fingers of your hands and position them on your forearms. Make sure your elbows are kept close and your head should rest on the palms of your hands. Now raise your knees and position your head in a stable manner. Pause for a moment before you completely lift your legs off the floor in a vertical position. Inhale while raising your legs and be careful with your back; keep it straight and relaxed. Now breathe deeply releasing your breath from the abdomen. What’s more important is to keep your focus on the brain and the forehead. To release yourself first bend your knees slightly and lower one leg after the other.

Coming back to your question, Sirshasana (headstand pose) is an excellent pose to prevent hair fall and support a supple hair growth. With an inverted position of the head, there is a direct blood flow to your brain and scalp. This process promotes hair growth and supplies various essential nutrients to the roots of your hair, giving your hair a lustrous and healthy look. Sirshasana (headstand pose) also increases blood supply to various parts of your body, giving a detoxifying effect. This in-turn helps in giving the skin a younger and fresher look.

However some precautionary measures should be taken if you decide to practice the Sirshasana (headstand poses). Firstly this pose should not be attempted by anyone suffering from high blood pressure, brain disorders, or back and neck injuries. While performing this pose be very careful not to sneeze or yawn, as this might disrupt your balance and put undue pressure on your head or legs. Since this is an advanced position please consult a professional Yoga instructor. Also make sure you have practiced this position several times before going for the final try.

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