Yoga Pushups For Perfect Body Fitness

By Patricia | January 8, 2009
Yoga Pushups

Push ups form one of the most important exercises for our body, particularly for the chest, shoulder and back muscles. In-fact, Push ups are so popular among all gym-goers that it is used as a benchmark to determine the fitness and athleticism of a person. It’s an absolute craze among young and aspiring bodybuilders because of the high physicality levels.

Pushups are excellent exercises to develop a strong arm and shoulder. While performing pushups one can work simultaneously on various muscle groups of the shoulders as well as expand the chest and back regions of the body. Now you can combine both Yoga and pushups to get the maximum benefit from your workout. This technique is called Yoga Pushups. Though this exercise is like pushups it combines Yoga (Asanas) poses, which prove to be more beneficial than traditional pushups.

The big difference between traditional pushups and Yoga pushups lies in the various poses and positions. For example the Yoga pushups combine the downward dog position or the cat position along with pranayamas (breathing techniques). These exercises not only help in building arms and shoulders but also strengthen various core muscles, which are essential to create the right balance and structure of the body. They also help in increasing stamina and resistance in the muscles against the pressure applied by the body in various positions. With a regular Yoga pushup regime you can definitely experience concrete results in terms of flexibility particularly in the shoulder and back regions. Moreover, adding yogic discipline and practices to your exercise routine will also make it spiritually fulfilling.

Now I will explain you one of the most basic Yoga pushup poses. Firstly, position yourself like you do, when performing, normal pushups with your arms extended. Hold your abdominal muscles tightly and slowly lower your body towards the floor. Now stop just about 2 to 3 inches away from the floor. Keep your elbows in without bending and maintain this position for about 5 counts, then slowly lower your body to the floor. Repeat this exercise three times in the beginning and later on try to work your way up to five times.

It’s strange how modern western exercises can be combined with a traditional art form and can prove to be a boon for many of us suffering from various imbalances in our body. So it’s time to push the limits and try out some Yoga pushups to give your body the ultimate fitness experience.

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