Yoga Sequences To Strengthen The Spine And Attain Balance

By Patricia | December 23, 2008
Yoga For Proper Balance

Is There Any Order That One Has To Keep In Mind While Doing Yoga

There is a logical sequence of doing yoga, which begins with warming up and stretching postures, moves on to other postures and then ends with cooling down postures. Pranayama, the art of breathing and meditation are part of a yoga session. The idea behind doing yoga in a sequence is that the body should be warmed up sufficiently so it doesn’t get hurt in the process. Also, you tend to move from the simple postures to the more complicated ones; thus, letting the body get used to all the postures.

The postures in yoga also aim to relax the body enough, create balance and prepare the body and mind for meditation. Balance and space are two important concepts of yoga. The order in yoga exercises helps to strengthen the spine and gradually aid the body to attain balance.

Another reason why yoga postures need to be done in a certain order is that when the body is warmed up, then muscles and joints function better. The initial postures which are done to warm up the body generate some heat in the body without doing rigorous stretching poses. As the body warms up, the postures become more flowing and include deep stretches. Once you have done all the stretching postures and your body begins to feel suppler, then you do cooling down exercises to relax the muscles.

Some schools of yoga, like Bikram’s Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga, have a set of postures. This is so because each pose works a particular organ or part of the body. So, when you do yoga in an order, you tend to get the maximum benefits.

Also, most people enjoy practicing yoga in a sequence. They progress from the simpler postures to the more complicated ones. This also helps them feel more calm and meditative. On the other hand, there are those who prefer to mix and match their postures, while making sure that they warm up and cool down properly. There are numerous postures in yoga and plenty of combinations. But while doing these, it’s important to see that none of the combinations are causing stress on the muscles and you are able to attain balance while following different sequences. It’s advisable though, to follow a certain order. You may have a couple of different yoga sequences, but do not vary them on an everyday basis.

Let your body settle into a preferred sequence of yoga asanas and enjoy your yoga session!

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