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  • Yoga Poses For Back Pain Relief

    Yoga Poses For Back Pain: Relieve Lower Back Pain With Different Yoga Execises

    By Patricia | April 16, 2009

    What are some yoga poses to help ease back pain and strengthen back muscles? Practicing yoga exercises regularly can prevent or ease back aches and strengthen the back muscles. Regular practice will develop stronger muscles, not just of the back muscles, ...

  • Kundalini Awakening Process

    Kundalini Awakening Process & Effects

    By Patricia | April 14, 2009

    What is the Kundalini? The Kundalini is graphically depicted as a coiled serpent inside the human body. It is supposed to be reservoir of immense latent power that is present in every human being. The awakening of Kundalini is said to ...

  • Kundalini Yoga Poses

    Kundalini Yoga Poses And Postures

    By Patricia | April 1, 2009

    Kundalini Shakti (energy) is a latent, coiled up, cosmic power underlying all organic and inorganic matter within all beings. The practical techniques of Kundalini Yoga are designed to awaken this great primal force lying dormant in all beings. Kundalini Yoga ...

  • 3 Yoga Relaxation Poses

    Types Of Yoga Poses & Environment For Relaxation

    By Patricia | March 31, 2009

    Yoga Relaxation There are basically 3 types of Yoga relaxation poses. These are Dhrdasana (Sideward Relaxation Pose) Nispanda Bhava (Unmoving Observation), and Shavasana (Corpse Pose) All these three are relaxation asanas (Yoga poses) designed to loosen and lighten up the body while reducing ...

  • Chinese Taoist Yoga

    Chinese Taoist Yoga: Ancient Exercises From Tai Chi

    By Patricia | March 24, 2009

    What are the principles of taoist yoga Chinese Taoist Yoga is a system of movement and stretching exercises which help coordinate your breathing with the help of specific postures and movements as well as certain meditative practices based on a deep, ...

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