Key Benefits of Practicing The Mountain Pose

By Patricia | January 20, 2009
Mountain Pose For A Good Posture

Most health related problems in our body are caused to due to the wrong posture. It could be due to sitting in a wrong position or maintaining a proper stance. The most important element of a correct posture is the spinal region. If the spinal cord and back muscles are not properly aligned it causes stiffness and inflexibility in your body. This in-turn causes an imbalance in the body affecting other regions and organs of your body.

Mountain Pose can really be beneficial to gain a supple spine. Firstly this position allows you to recognize the problem areas of the body and practice various Asanas (poses) and Pranayamas (breathing techniques). Secondly the Mountain Pose helps to align the spinal region and create a balance in the body. The Mountain Pose is fairly easy to practice.

Start by placing a mat on the floor. Now stand in a straight position with your feet joint together and toes apart. Now slowly, raise your toes and spread them out. Release your toes and plant your feet firmly on the ground. Make sure your weight is distributed evenly on both feet. Apply a downward pressure on your feet and calves. Now pull your front thighs in an upward direction, and make sure your kneecaps are raised. Pull your tailbone and belly inwards. Expand the collarbones and open out your chest keeping the shoulders parallel to the abdomen. Raise your neck slightly towards the ceiling and expand the shoulders.

The highlight of the Mountain Pose is that although you feel you are just standing, this pose is actually working on every major muscle group of your body. Alignment of your body is a lot tougher than it seems so one needs to get into the right posture and practice this position on a regular basis to achieve maximum results.

Be careful not to strain your neck, especially if you have a history of neck sprains and problems. Do not overdo this exercise and relax yourself while practicing this pose. There are many benefits of the mountain pose. Firstly it improves your posture and also helps to build your back and abdominal muscles. The pose also helps in giving a good shape to the body and improves the alignment of various joints in the body.

With continuous practice and training of the mountain pose, you can surely regain a good posture for your body and get into great shape and health.

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