Twist Yoga Poses To Make The Back Strong And Improve Digestion

By Patricia | November 5, 2008
Benefits Of Twist Yoga Poses

Yoga Poses are primarily or three types – the Half Spinal Twist, the Sage Twist and the Two Knee Spinal Twist Yoga Pose. Always keep in mind that it is important to do these poses smoothly and gently in. If you do them right, all Twist Yoga Poses complement forward and backward bending poses by stretching the muscles in more complex ways than by flexion and extension alone. This is why the twisting poses are so important for strengthening the back. Besides, these Yoga Poses help improve digestion, tone up and massage the abdominal organs. They also improve the functioning of the kidneys, liver and adrenal glands. They also help improves digestion and tone up spinal nerves and ligaments, and. Never jerk or make swift, speedy movements in these poses and always make it a point to do them under the guidance of an experienced Yoga tutor.

Types of Twist Yoga Poses

  1. Half Spinal Twist (Ardha Matsyendrasana)

    This Yoga Pose derives its Sanskrit name from the legendary Sage Matsyendra who was said to be one of the founders of Hatha Yoga. It is one of the few Yoga Poses in the Basic Session whish helps rotates the spine. Most of the others either bend the spinal column forward or backwards. However to become really flexible you must be twist it laterally too. This one of the few yoga asanas that rotates the spine.

  2. Sage Marichi Twist (Marichyasana)

    It is also called Marichi's Yoga Pose and benefits the spine and abdominal organs. Never do these pose if you have back or chronic spine injury. Also, do it only under the guidance of an experienced Yoga instructor.

  3. Sage Bharadvaja Twist (Bharadvajasana I)

    The sage Bharadvaja was one of seven legendary seers who is credited with creating Yoga poses and songs for the Vedas. This pose also benefits the spine and abdominal organs.

Benefits of Twist Yoga Poses

  • They improve the health of the spine and vertebrae
  • They improves digestion and stretch, massage the chest, shoulders, lower back, hips, middle spine, and upper back, and tone up all internal organs
  • They help alleviate pain or stiffness of the spine, lower back, as well as the hips


These poses should be avoided in case of:

  • Severe spine injury or back problems
  • During pregnancy
  • Soon after surgery
  • After recent or chronic hip, knee, or shoulder injury.


  • If you feel uncomfortable doing these poses on the ground, use a large pillow.
  • If the twists feel too deep for your lower back, try placing a pillow between your knees or moving your knees below the height of your hips.
  • To make the twists deeper, pull your knees up towards your chest, but continue keeping your shoulders from lifting off the ground.
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