Calories Burnt Through Simple Yoga Asanas

By Patricia | November 26, 2008
Yoga To Burn Calories

In this day and age, it is important to have a healthy mind and body, especially if you want to succeed in your career and social life. Yoga can help burn calories not just by physical exercise but also by increasing your level of awareness to your body, its energy and mass. Yoga is a holistic exercise that benefits the body and mind. This discipline found its origins in ancient India as long ago as around 2,000 BC and has been practiced for centuries.

Yoga involves static and dynamic physical postures or exercise called ‘asanas’ and breathing exercises known as ‘Pranayama’. The yoga ‘asanas’ through physical exercise build your stamina and improve your posture while ‘Pranayama’ improves your respiratory functions, normalizes breathing, and reduces the respiratory rate.

‘Surya Namaskara’, or the Sun Salutation, is the most effective form of losing calories through yoga. It involves the use of both ‘asanas’ and ‘Pranayama’. The whole procedure should take you around 15-20 minutes and has a moderate level of difficulty. This practice directly affects the endocrine and nervous system helping the body correct any hormonal imbalances, and thus causing weight loss.

If you would like a more relaxed yoga routine, you could begin with ‘Virabhadrasana’, or the warrior position, where you bend your legs such that one leg is parallel to the ground and your arms are stretched out. This posture improves your strength and energy levels and tones your body. This can be followed with ‘Uttanasana’, or the forward extension, that aids the metabolic process.

For a more strenuous workout, you could try the ‘Sarvangasana’, or shoulder stand, which is specific to the thyroid gland. It increases the circulation of blood aiding the digestion process. You could then try ‘Nauka Sanchalana’, or the rowing exercise, which is excellent for invigorating the abdominal muscles.

You could also perform a breathing exercise called ‘Analom-Vilom’, where you breathe in through one nostril and exhale through the other. This exercise increases the oxygen flow to different cells, including fat cells and helps in burning them. Overall, by inducing a feeling of calm, yoga reduces anxiety levels and reduces emotional eating.

If at any time during your yoga routine, you feel tired, or experience pain while holding a particular pose, you should stop and consult your yoga teacher. You may be doing something wrong. The most important thing is to make sure you are doing the breathing and physical exercises correctly; otherwise it will not help your body and mind. For this purpose, you could attend a few yoga classes before beginning practice at home.

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