What Are The Asanas Performed In Power Yoga Specifically For Weight Loss

(November 10, 2011)

Power Yoga For Weight Loss

Power yoga, also known as dynamic yoga, is the modern version of yoga that helps you obtain the benefits of a cardio workout. These yoga asanas or exercises are performed in a particular sequence, and once you get used to the speed of doing them, you can see the pounds getting burnt off your body. Power yoga for weight loss includes a mix of Bikram yoga and Ashtanga yoga. Bikram yoga is effective when you practice yoga poses in a heated environment. This helps you burn calories better without injuring the muscles of your body. Ashtanga yoga, on the other hand, helps you develop a toned and well-shaped body structure.

Yoga asanas or poses for weight loss include Tadasana (Mountain Pose), Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend), Trikonasana (Triangle Pose), Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose), and Sethu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose). When performed in power yoga mode, the steps are practiced at an increased speed and vigor, thus helping you to lose calories faster. While doing power yoga, focus on a specific sequence. Try to avoid injury with a Bikram yoga environment. Power yoga for weight loss is best performed in a serene environment or open terrace area. Initially go slow but steady on the power yoga asanas, so that you do not tire yourself out. Don some comfortable sweat clothes while you practice power yoga. Stick to at least three sessions a week of 45 minutes each. While doing power yoga, set your mind on the exercises alone.

Power yoga for weight loss is done in an active mode with your heart rate at an increased level and your body sweating profusely. You can shed pounds when you combine the benefits of power yoga with a balanced and sensible diet consisting of lots of fresh fruits and green vegetables. It is important to stay hydrated throughout the yoga routine. Warm up and stretches are vital to avoid injury to your muscles.

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Is There A Special Diet That Should Be Followed While Doing Power Yoga For Weight Loss

Along with power yoga for weight loss, you should also follow a sensible diet to obtain maximum results. Diets for weight loss suggest that you keep away from certain fatty foods, but consume sufficient quantities of carbohydrates, proteins, and essential nutrients. You can opt from diets including fruits and vegetable servings or one with moderate consumption of lean meat and heart healthy oils from fish, along with a good percentage of proteins and vitamins.

Power yoga for weight loss is an intense workout where you sweat profusely and your body eliminates lot of toxins through your skin. Some yoga exercises are carried out in an environment heated up to 105 degree Fahrenheit, so your body needs its replenishment of carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. Four to five servings of fruits and vegetables need to become a part of your diet plan. Include fruits of the season, which would be packed with nutrients. While preparing vegetables, try not to overcook them as the essential vitamins may be lost. It is advisable to include vegetables in raw form as salads in your diet. While selecting a well-balanced diet, opt for whole wheat or any other grain as your source of carbohydrates over refined flour. These carbohydrates slowly release glucose into your bloodstream and give you a satiated feeling without raising your blood sugar levels uncontrollably.

While doing power yoga for weight loss, watch the limit to which you can stretch yourself. At this time, it is imperative to halt and recharge yourself. Stay well-hydrated and increase your intake of fluids. While you take the stress out of your lifestyle, you can see your pounds being lost and feel good on the whole. Exercise certain caution so that you do not consume too much red meat, fatty and fried foods, and foods made of refined flour and sugar. Diets for weight loss show best results when you also religiously stick to an exercise regime for your body.

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